Not sure if I’ll be able to sign up for this, but this game looks like it’ll be amazing.

Sign me up B).

So is silence effective for one day + one night phase?

Yes, it is effective for one full cycle.

I’ll give it a go. I can post on my iphone @ werk.

I disagree with this because we needed a roleless to die. But its in an ongoing game so ill shhhhhhhh

Also those role cards are god damn godlike :tup:

Depending on the outcome of the current game I’ll probably play


That’s pretty much forcing me to put Exodus at the top to make him play.

Yeah, sorry @Aidebit, you’re gonna have to take one for the team here.

I’m soooo in.

I haven’t forgotten about you baby.

Expect more “Adventures of pietastic” before this game begins.

SRK Mafia Trivia: This is actually SRK Mafia XII, Icege messed up the count on the ongoing game.

Counting is hard.

I guess I’ll sign up.

Nope, actually, this is #13. It was 11 Vampires vs. Werewolves, 10 Dangan Ronpa, 12 FGC.

For sure.

Are you in or are you pulling a HAX on me?

I’m playing~

Sign me up

I can’t wait to see what I’ve been up to. My spider sense has been tingling.

Also, the bad guys are demons… Does that mean John Stalvern is waiting?

Honestly I care more about Aidebit’s position on the tier list at this point than mine. It depends if I turn into a pillar of salt like Lot’s wife or we get a win by following his list :rofl:

This part will be super interesting. Trying to bait the vigi without actually RCing. I feel like any evidence you’d provide, especially early in the game, would be a veiled RC. It’ll be tough to monitor and strategize.