SRK Mafia XIX: Restarted Robbers and Cops (The End. Cops Win. Alpha Best Vigi since Jimbo-Hecatom)


Day 1

In AnOtHeR pLaCe

“It’s over.”

Green flames surrounded a woman in a white suit. Another woman in a red suit stood over her.

“You idiot… I’m your ancestor. Erasing me will erase you as well as do irreparable damage to the timeline.”

“… So be it,” the woman said. Turning to the sky, she pulled out a picture. “Goodbye Betty…”

As the woman in the white suit screamed the world seemed to be covered by a white mist.

Bious looked at his fellow robbers. All of a sudden he had a terrific headache.

“Everything okay?” Shaft Agent asked.

“Yeah… Let’s go over the job once more.”

“We hit the four locations at the same time, get the goods, go to the hideout and wait the heat out, and then split the loot and never see each other again,” AlphaCommando said. “Simple.”

“Yeah… Simple…” Bious said. “Let’s get to work.”

As the bandits left, Bious’s head started to pound. He clutched his head and fell down. Visions flowed into his mind. Visions of the job… an alley… Him getting shot… Purple flames… A minute later he got up, with a look of horror in his eyes.

“No… I died… But how…”

Bious took a look at his phone. The time was 11:28. In 32 minutes the job he spent months preparing for would go down. He quickly dialed a number.

“Hey. I’m calling in that favor.”

Pimp Willy look around. “We ready?”

“All other teams in place. But where’s Bious?” Hetacom asked.

“Probably had some last-minute prep to do. Anyway, we can do this without him.” Cyntalan said.

Somewhere, a clock rang 12 times, signaling mid-day had arrived. Bious ran up behind them, breathing heavily.

“You okay?” Pimp Willy asked.

“Yeah, just made a mistake I had to correct.” Bious looked at their target. “Alright, let’s do this.”

Day Phase for Day 1 ends Monday 10 PM EST (extended due to the Holiday Weekend + The Restart). Make your vote in this format: Lynch _____________________ and PM it to me. Missing two votes is a row is a disqualification.

Role Info:

Common Sense Rules:

Player List

  1. @DarkGeneral - Night 2 Kill (Goon)
  2. @chadouken!
  3. @DukeC
  4. @orochizoolander - Night 3 Kill (Goon)
  5. @Hecatom
  6. @Pokemon123
  7. @“Shaft Agent” - Day 3 DQ (Goon)
  8. @crucades
  9. @“Pimp Willy” - Day 1 Lynch (Goon)
  10. @AlphaCommando
  11. @“The Co-Jones” - Day 2 Lynch (Goon)
  12. @NupoChromine
  13. @Korbidon - Day 3 Lynch (The Rat)
  14. @“Missing Person” -Night 1 Kill (Goon)
  15. @Itome (Subbed with @xxgamerxxx)
  17. @Combo_Knight
  18. @jasonC - Assassinated Day 2 (Street Doc)
  19. @Cyntalan
  20. @Reiraku - Assassinated Day 3 (Mastermind)

Day 1
Night 1
All names in the story (Except Bious) were randomly selected


Welp since we have to PM votes now RVS isn’t very useful unless we badger mod for votals constantly. so hi i guess


Lynch @NupoChromine


When reading the beginning text I got excited for a new Time Witch class…

@orochizoolander Cmon, man…

Also, so we PM the votes then you post them once the lynch happens? @Bious


Wassup chumps?


Wait I thought you were going to reroll the roles? I got the mafia leader twice… wtf




SRK Mafia XIX 2: Electric Boogaloo.


Ok what the hell? Ghost town today…


time check, its 02:35 here what is this in EST? :angel:

Last game I had a harder time figuring out the end of a phase than I should have.


It seems so.


All aboard the nupo train choo choo.


It’s official, you can start the party now.

OZ hasn’t edited yet, has he?


So lynch Vynce?


A pair of hours, is this poker?

Ba dum ching, I’ll be here all evening.

Or an hour or two before it’s beddy bye.


Well, to be honest, none of us know if the roles are truly changed


I don’t think I’ve ever seen you roll roleless. Just saying.


Anybody else coming down with Deja vu?


I have been in one game here and the ones at JTM


I never said anything about it clearly wasn’t happening that he was roleless, just that I’ve never seen him as roleless, thus I don’t know how he plays it to buy his claim.

So you can take that gamblers fallacy claim, and shove it all in on your blackjack (hole)