SRK Mafia XIX: Robber's and Cops (Day 2: Blue Blue)


Day 1

It was supposed to be a simple plan.

The job had been in the works for months. Everything had been planned perfectly, every contingency thought off, every member of the crew examined closely. It was supposed to go perfectly.

And now I’m lying in a pool of my own blood.

The plan was to split into 4 teams and hit 4 different banks at the same time. That part of the plan worked. It was when we escaped that things went to hell. We ran into an alley to sneak away and there were cops there. COPS! There were supposed to be no cops there!


Then the gunfire started. I pulled out my gun and fired back… and then got shot. From behind. The cops took cover as I sank to the ground. Behind me the other thieves were already fleeing.


The cops chased the other thieves as two officers came towards me, guns draws. I chuckled as everything grew darker. It was supposed to be a simple plan…

Five Hours Later

“THE FUCK HAPPENED?” NupoChromie yelled.

“Like I said, the cops shot him!” Pimp Willy said.

“I don’t give a FUCK about Bious! What I want to know is why were there cops everywhere!”

“Maybe someone tripped an alarm?” Missing Person said.

“Nuh-uh. The plan was perfect. We had eyes on the employees at all times. No one tripped the alarms,” Shaft Agent said.

“Then what happened?” AlphaCommando said.

“I’ll tell you what happened. We got some fucking snitches in here,” Cyntalan said darkly.

The gang grew silent, everyone eyeing the person next to them suspiciously. Pokemon123 started to reach for their gun.

“Woah now,” Cyntalan said, grabbing Pokemon123’s arm, “We haven’t gotten paid yet.”

“We can’t get paid!” Azure said. “Bious was the one who knew who to sell the goods to!”

“God dammit!” Itome said.

“Wait,” Korbidon said, “Bious left his phone here. Maybe we can wait until whoever he made the deal with calls him?”

“And what about the Snitches?” Cyntalan said.

“We can discuss who we think may have ratted us out and then “take care” of them,” Hecatom said, twirling a knife.

“Seems perfectly logical. Let’s do this!” Orochizoolander said.
Day Phase for Day 1 ends Wednesday 10 PM EST. Make your vote in this format: Lynch _____________________ Missing two votes is a row is a disqualification.**

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Player List

  1. @Azure
  2. @chadouken!
  3. @Vynce
  4. @orochizoolander
  5. @Hecatom
  6. @Pokemon123
  7. @“Shaft Agent”
  8. @crucades
  9. @“Pimp Willy”
  10. @AlphaCommando
  11. @“The Co-Jones”
  12. @NupoChromine
  13. @Korbidon
  14. @“Missing Person”
  15. @Itome
  17. @Combo_Knight
  18. @jasonC
  19. @Cyntalan
  20. @Reiraku

Write-Up List:
Day 1
Night 1

The names were randomly selected for the story and have no bearing on players identities


Ok chumps, lets do this!!!


Out of retirement- let’s get it B)


Goddammit, that role PM gave me a mini heart attack. :lol:

Lynch: RadicalFuzz


INB4 everyone.

Lynch George Zimmerman


It’s official, you can start the party now.

OZ hasn’t edited yet, has he?


Checking in!


Give him a pair of hours.


A pair of hours, is this poker?

Ba dum ching, I’ll be here all evening.

Or an hour or two before it’s beddy bye.


I don’t think you guys are funny. =)


Roleless civ, reporting in, to fuck a snitches world up.


I like the starting story to the game! @Bious

Checking in.


Ok, I’m checking in. When do we start lynching fuckers?

Are you really roleless, or are you just saying that because you’re actually the dirty fucking Rat?


I think you’re going to fit in just fine.

Not that I’m insinuating anything.

(Speaking in earnest. Rare occasion.)


Google my mafia post history, son.

I’ve never day-one’d a roleless civ claim without… being a roleless civ.

The pattern is there.


It is early on a Tuesday, and thus you’re sober. :coffee:


To be fair, if I had today off I would have made myself a drink so I could properly play COD.

It’s going to be weird playing with so many new people. But I think good-weird.


As opposed to JTM levels of weirdness?

Nothing is weirder than having neither Cheif or OptimusTheta in the mix.


Well, I won’t miss the dick pics.


We need to find these dirty coppers, seee.
We need to sell these goods and get paid, seeee.
Wait, what exactly did we rob from the bank that we have to sell? Seeeee?