SRK Mafia XIX: The Revival


It’s been years since we’ve played a Mafia game here. Many players have moved on to other sites, others have retired, and some have even gone insane from the collected salt of too much Mafia. The site has laid quiet without any lynchings, salty ragequits, or RadicalFrauds for too long.

Time for a revival, run by yours truly.

Don’t know what the christ a “Mafia” is? Read up!

Since it’s been a long while since a Mafia game was run here, we’re gonna keep it simple: 20 player Maximum. Anyone who signs up after that will be put on a wait list. People who have been active for longer on this site will get in easier than someone who joined yesterday with 1 post (unless someone I trust vouches for them).

Theme: Robbers and Cops

Day Phases will last 36 Hours, during which everyone must vote on a person to lynch. At the end of the Day Phase whoever has the most votes will be lynched and removed from the game (if a tie occurs a random roll will determine who dies). After the Day Phase the Night Phase will begin. Night Phase lasts for 12 hours, and all Night Actions must be submitted before it ends. If an action is not submitted it will be considered a No Action (as in nothing will happen). After the Night Phase the Day Phase will start again. If you are a Civilian and die you may PM me a Last Gasp (a 150 word maximum post detailing your last thoughts).

15 Civilians
4 Mafia
1 Special

Some people will be granted special roles that will greatly assist their side in winning.

Civilian Roles:
Mastermind: You masterminded this whole operation and are the smartest person here, see? Every night you may choose a player. At the end of the night you will learn which side the player is on (ROBBER means they are on your side, COPPER means they are on the Mafia’s side.
Street Doc: You are every lowlife’s favorite fixer-upper. Every night you may choose a player other than yourself. That player is protected for the night. If that player is targeted by a kill, the kill will fail.
Assassin: You were hired to weed out any bad seeds. You have three syringes of poison. Every night you may secretly poison a player of your choosing. At the end of the next day phase your target will die. Once you have used your ability three times you can use it no longer. If you target a player the Street Doc targets you will fumble and waste your poison on the Street Doc instead.
Lovebirds: You and your honey have just pulled the biggest job of your careers and want to get out alive. At the beginning of the game you and another player will be put into a private PM that you may use to communicate with each other. If one of you dies the PM ends.
Goon: You have no special powers. Vote every day to find those Cops!

Mafia Roles:
Undercover Cop: You are in deep cover and trying to nail this gang to the cross. If you are ever investigated by the Mastermind you will always come up innocent.
Good Cop: You were born with a silver tongue that makes birds (and crooks) sing. Once only during any day phase, you may persuade everyone to “chill out” and relax, negating the day’s lynch.
Bad Cop: You don’t play by the rules to get your way, but none argue with your results. At night pick a player. At the end of the night that player will be enforced (meaning if they made a night action it will be canceled.) Enforces will be included in the write-up.
Slick Cop: You are as slick as oil. Every night choose a player. If the Mastermind investigates that player, the result they receive will be reversed.

Third Party:
The Rat: You just want to survive. If you make it to the end of the game without dying you win no matter who wins.

Role Orders
Good Cop
Assassin Poison Effect

Bad Cop
Street Doc
Slick Cop
Mafia Kill

Since it’s been a while, everyone is unbanned!

Except Icege. Cause I never forget.

The Familiar List of Commom Sense Rules:

Player List:

  1. Azure
  2. chadouken!
  3. Vynce
  4. orichizoolander
  5. Hecatom
  6. Pokemon123
  7. ShaftAgent
  8. crucades
  9. Pimp Nilly
  10. AlphaCommando
  11. The Co-Jones
  12. NupoChromine
  13. Korbidon
  14. Missing Person
  15. Itome
  17. Combo_Knight
  18. jasonC
  19. Cyntalan
  20. Reiraku

If I forgot anything I’ll change it later.


There can be no revival without Beta, Chief, and, paradoxically perhaps, Missing Person.


But I’ll bat around a corpse or six, just for you Bious. :coffee:


I’ve never played Mafia before, but I want to try it out. Count me in.


I like everyone involved so far, and I got @SWBeta 'd in my JTM comeback game, so in in.


I’m in.


Put me in Coach


oh i’ve played this on other forums. not that good but i can try. i’ll join.


ok, i’ll try it…


Let me in!


Whoa, we have a game going right now, but its a super power creep game (I let every player create their own power to see who could make the craziest lol)
So depending on when it starts, could be good. Im in as a maybe lol


It’ll start depending on how fast the game fills up.


Affiliation: Mafia
Allowed to participate in the game after being lynched. Dies as a civilian. Can investigate other players while alive.


Affiliation: Mafia.

Power: invunerable immortality.


Can I has muh points, now? :coffee:


Hey, this game seems interesting and the concept is entirely new to me. I’ll sign up.


I mean, it wouldn’t be the most broken power in the game

Power: At night Target a player. Steal that players powers.


I got exams coming up and work after that so dunno if I’ll have time for this one. Put me on the maybe list though.


A draw always favors Mafia

L2P. :coffee:


And, before you chime in, I would suggest you take into account Logic 101.

The initial innate power cannot be removed, by its very definition.


Mafia back on SRK???

Sign me up