Srk mafia xvi: shards of alara - game over: alaran civilians win!


SRK MAFIA XVI: Shards of Alara
Day 0: Alara’s Hero

The man quickly opened his eyes as if waking from a nightmare. As his vision adjusted to the light, he glanced around at his surroundings. Where was he again? He cradled his head in his hands and winced as a sharp pain shot through his skull. He soon came to realize that if he, at one point, had an answer to that question, he could no longer recall it. Or the answers to many other questions, for that matter.

Start with a name. He told himself. He scoured his mind for answer. My name is Jace. Jace Beleren. At least he knew who he was. One mystery solved. Something clicked in his mind. I am planeswalker and a powerful mage that specializes in the mind. Unhappy with the vagueness of the answers, he tried searching for something deeper. Wherever I am, I came here on purpose. To help someone, I think.

He was laying against a tree in a patch of grass overshadowed by a large building nearby. The wind blew softly, causing his cloak to gently flow in the breeze. After a moment of peace and waiting for his mind to yield something more concrete, Jace shook his head in defeat. He wasn’t getting very far like this. Pushing himself up onto his feet, he stood and scanned the horizon for anything that could help jog his memory. No people were in the surrounding area as far as he could see. Mainly just stately looking towers.

Suddenly, a burst of light in the distance caught his attention. Magic. Maybe interfering with a duel might earn him some answers. At the very least, maybe the mages could tell him where he was. It wasn’t a very solid idea and he didn’t really expect a positive outcome, but something within him urged him to investigate. With a reluctant sigh, Jace pushed on towards commotion.

“What the hell is your problem?!” Bious yelled, as the charred marks of the recent explosion steamed. He pushed Pertho, who seemed less than pleased with the outcome of his mana burst.

“I saw you eying Aidebit.” Pertho said, standing his ground. “You were waiting for a chance to stab him.”

“Bullshit he was!” kaz chimed in. GodotsRevenge and jasonC nodded in agreement. “If anyone is acting suspicious, it’s you.”

“I think he’s a spy from Grixis!” Augustus accused.

“Who said anything about spies?” Synonym questioned in an accent different from the others.

“We should off him just to be sure!” Pimp Willy shouted, ignoring Synonym’s logic. Cheers of agreement erupted from The Chief, Black_Light, and Manx.

“Wait a minute!” Shadowwolf32 pleaded. “What if he’s innocent? Then we’re the murders.”

“And if he’s not?” orochizoolander rebutted. “We stand to risk much more by keeping him alive than just getting rid of him before he becomes a problem. He has to be taken care of as soon as possible!” He tackled Bious to the ground and drew his dagger, poising it overhead in an effort to prime the fatal blow. Before he could drop the dagger, a strong hand caught his arm and threw him across the courtyard. As the dust cleared, the pacifier looked around.

“What is the meaning of this?” Elspeth interrogated the crowd, crossing her arms in disappointment. Several bowed in apology.

“We believe there may be Grixian spies trying to undermine our way of life, captain.” AKI spoke up, his head lowered with respect.

“And why wouldn’t there be?” Sarkhan sounded from farthest edge of the crowd. “I wouldn’t be surprised if Bolas is beginning to think his shard is too small for him. He wants the whole Alara.” He pushed through crowd-dwellers Sumazndude and Hecatom to engage Elspeth. “If they think there’s a spy, then what is one death to calm their paranoia?”

Elspeth glared at Sarkhan. “I will not allow you to use them to sate your lust for blood, Sarkhan.”

“Wretch!” Sarkhan growled, leaping towards Elspeth. The tackle would’ve been pretty nasty too, if Ajani hadn’t stopped him.

“Peace, Sarkhan.” Ajani warned, pushing him off of her without intention of harm. “Your quarrel is not with her.”

“She doesn’t need your help, kitty.” Sarkhan spat. “And neither do I. Let her fend for herself.” He began priming a fireball in his left hand, flames swirling around his body and forcing Ajani to back off and the other bystanders to clear a path. Tezzeret watched with interest in the background.

Unwilling to take the blow simply to make a point, Elspeth drew her enchanted sword and charged at Sarkhan. She raised the glowing sword and swung down with all her might as he pushed his fireball – which by now was enormous – towards her. Expecting catastrophic results, AlphaCommando shielded his eyes. Others, like Exodus. and Cyntalan couldn’t tear away from what they assumed would be the most epic clash they would witness in their entire lives.

Except it didn’t happen.

A flash of blue light subsided both attacks, causing them both to dissipate into thin air. Shocked, Sarkhan and Elspeth turned to see a hooded man in a cloak with his arms raised and slightly glowing blue standing before them.

“Now I didn’t hear everything,” Jace spoke. “but it sounds like this Bolas guy is getting exactly what he wants.”

“Who are hell are you?” Sarkhan** questioned. “And what do you mean?”

“I mean that Bolas - the guy you talking about earlier, the one who wanted complete domination of Alara - is trying to force you guys into fighting each other so he doesn’t have to.” The hooded man explained. “As for my name…” Jace stopped. He couldn’t explain why, but he felt refraining from releasing his true identity was a better idea. He needed an alias. “Call me ForgeDigger.”

“Odd name for a blue mage…” Tezzeret commented.

Jace waved away the idea. “Let me help you out.”

“How can you help us, ForgeDigger?” Combo_Knight asked, doubtful. “You don’t look like you’re even from around here.”

“Well, I can tell you that there are definitely spies of Bolas here trying to stoke the sour relations.” Jace explained. “I’m a mind mage. I can parse through peoples’ thoughts and read their true intentions. And since I’m not affiliated with any of the ‘shards’ you mentioned earlier, my judgments won’t be interpreted as calls for war. We’ll ensure that it’s unbiased by holding votes for who should be judged everyday.” Several nods from the crowd expressed the general consensus of approval.

Elspeth, skeptical, questioned further. “How do we know you’re not one of Bolas’s spies?”

Jace paused for a minute in thought. “I won’t be making the decisions. That’ll be up to the rest of you.” He reasoned. “But as far as telling the truth…”

“I guess you’ll just have to trust me.”

Day 1 Begins!

Votes must be PMed to @ForgeDigger by 9:00 PM CST on May 28th. Night phase will begin at that time.



Order of Actions:

Mafia Enforce-> Medic -> Vigi -> UC -> Mafia Kill[/details]

Player List:

Missing Person
Pimp Willy
The Chief

Link to the sign up thread: SRK MAFIA XVI - Shards of Alara: Sign-ups Begin!

Story Mode:
Day 1: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust [3rdSTRikeLOVE (Bant civilian) lynch]
Night 1: Furry [AlphaCommando(Ajani) Veteran kill, AKI([color=black]Nicol Bolas death]
Day 1.5: Tech Support [Pimp Willy (Nicol Bolas) DQ]
Day 2: Required Reading [kaz (Rafiq of the Many (Veteran))]
Night 2: A Noble Death [orochizoolander (Grixis member) Bodyguard kill, Bious (Keeper of Progenitus (Bodyguard)) Bodyguard sacrifice]
Day 3: One Green to Jason [JasonC (Naya civilian lynch]
Night 3: All the Wrong Moves in All the Right Places [BullDancer (Elspeth) Vigilante kill]
Day 3[Synonym (Grixis member) lynch, bloodymess (Esper civilian) DQ]
Night 4: With Us or Against Us[Saitsu (Sarkahn) Mafia kill]
Day 5: SuicidalAznDoomed[Sumazndude (Jund civilian) lynch]
Night 5: The Face of Death [Manx (Jund Sojouners (Bomb)) Mafia kill, Vynce (Grixis member) Bomb kill)
Game Finale[Grixis surrender]

Alaran civilians win!

SRK MAFIA XVI - Shards of Alara: Sign-ups Begin!
SRK Mafia XVIII: Phoenix Wright - Back in Session -- Turnabout Icege (GAME OVER -- CIVILIANS WIN!)

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