Srk mafia xvii - attack on titan: sign-ups thread


Attack on Titan Mafia Game

In order to set the mood while reading this :rock:

Welcome to SRK Mafia XVII!

In case you are new to a mafia game, the basic idea of the game is as follow:

There are 2 factions on the game, The Civilians, in this case the Survey Corps going with the theme of the game, and the Mafia, in this case the Titan Shape shifters.
The Titan shape shifters are hiding among the survey corps so they don’t know who to trust, each day the survey corps decided who to kill via vote, the person who gets more votes gets lynched.
At night the titan shifters decide who to kill from the survey corps and who of them will make the killing blow.
This covers the basic idea of the mafia games.

Now since this is a Attack on Titan Mafia game there are some new elements in the game.
There is a 3rd party who are the Dormants, they are potential Titan shifters who have not awaken their titan powers. As long as they have not been recruited by the mafia they are counted as regular civs, once they get recruited they become mafia and help them kill all the civilians.

There is also a new phase besides day and night, The Expedition phase, this special phase is only accessible if Erwin Smith (explained in detail later) decides to start it the next phase after having the approval of the majority of the civilians. This phase counts as the day and night phase of the next day cycle. Once the expedition starts there is no lynch neither night kill during that day cycle.
But in exchange there are new interactions available via the different roles that each side has.
During this phase the civilians are divided into different groups.


We have 3 Infiltrated Titan at the start of the game.
Each one has a special ability that they can use at different phases of the game besides the regular activities that they can do.
The Mafia activities are as follow:

Night Phase
Assassination, the mafia can kill a target of their liking.
Investigation, the mafia can investigate a target to see if is a Dormant.
Recruit, the mafia can turn a Dormant into a Mafia.

They can do 2 of the 3 actions per night
Assasination, Investigation
Investigation, Recruit
Assasination, Recruit

Expedition Phase
Attack a group, By doing this they can kill the whole group unless is protected by Levi and or Mikasa (Those roles would be explained later). If they attack a group that has a mafia member on it, the mafia member gets killed alongside the civs, neither of the civs killed gets a last gasp, and the mafia killed its shown as a civ when dead.
Investigate a group where one of them is assigned to see if there is a titan shifter among them, they will know that in the formation there was a Dormant but not who.

They can only do one of those actions on the Expedition phase.

Besides those actions, the starter mafia have special abilities of their own.

Every action done by the mafia be on night phase or expedition phase will be executed by one of the mafia members starters or recruited, in other words they have to decide who is doing the action.
Female Titan kills X, 1st recruit investigates Y

Armored Titan attacks formation X

The Civilians
Civs don’t have a traditional Vigi in the sense that can kill during night phases, only during the Expeditions with Eren.


X, Y, Z in group A
Q,W, E in group B

Common Sense Rules
(stolen from ForgeDigger who stole it from Missing Person)

  1. Edits are allowed, people are free to edit their posts with out repercussions from the GM, but that doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be frowned by your fellow players ending with your death anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. Do not PM anyone playing the game. If you are mafia, keep your PMs in the mafia conversation. If you’re one of the lovers, keep your PMs inside the Lovers conversation. You should not be PMing anyone else if you are them, and if you aren’t, you have no business using the PM inbox at all regarding this game. If you have any questions regarding gameplay, PM me. If someone PMs you that shouldn’t be, do not mention it in the thread, just PM me with the the contents of it. PM’ing once will result in a DQ. Habitually doing so will result in a ban. (Things not game related will not result in any penalty, but to keep the integrity of the game, if someone playing PMs you, please report it to me.)

  3. No coaching after you’re dead. This includes outside of SRK. I don’t care what format you’re thinking of using, be it, AIM, MSN, Skype, Smoke Signals, Texts, Morse Code. Don’t do it. Also, because this has happened recently, I will not verify any of your hunches after you die. Keep it to yourself, take it to the Loser’s Lounge, if someone shares information they know, don’t bring it to anyone else’s attention that’s still in the game. If someone does this, PM me with the proof, and that person will face a ban.

  4. No discussing or plotting to break or bend the rules in your PMs, lovers and mafia. I’ll be in those conversations anyway, so that should go without saying. But just in case you think you can do it while I’m sleeping, think again. If you start discussing something that I don’t immediately catch, and that action is taken, once I find out, the perpetrator of the act and the instigator will both receive bans and DQs.

  5. If you are in a PM, you will not be allowed into the Loser’s Lounge until you leave the PM conversation after you die. It’s not entirely clear on how you do this by looking at it, but upon your death, simply click “Delete Conversation” on the left-hand side of the screen. This will only delete it on your end, and no one else’s.

6 Do not try to get removed from the game after it already starts, or try to break the rules to get DQ’d. If something super unexpected happens, I’ll try to be reasonable, but overall, if you know you’re going to be busy, and unable to play at all, don’t sign up. If you suddenly see a full schedule hit your plate just before we start, ask me to take your name off the list, and I’ll put in an alternate. After we start, I’m not going to take your name off unless you have a really good reason, and I can find an alternate to take your place. Otherwise, don’t deliberately break a rule just to get a DQ. You will not just get a DQ, but banned.

  1. Do not post any PMs, even as a joke. If you are going to make an image joke regarding PMs, at least make it obvious that it’s a joke (e.g. make it using MSPaint.)

  2. English only in game. No foreign languages allowed. This prevents the open flow of information. I will make certain exceptions for certain foreign words that have entered the English vernacular, such as “Hasta la vista,” or “Por que?” but an entire post in a foreign language will not be permitted.

  3. No speaking in codes allowed. This includes coded messages via encryption and password protected files, but speaking in cryptic messages, i.e. “the moth is in the tent”, is allowed.

  4. There will be no “deals” that transcend the game. For example: A player cannot promise that he will leave SRK forever if he’s wrong about something/lying. If an agreement seems questionable as to whether or not it breaks this rule, it probably does.

Please contact either myself (@Hecatom) or via each player pm with me if you think that the rules have been broken


Each vote has to be submitted via pm before the day phase ends, once submitted it can’t be changed
Votes will be publicly revealed in the thread at the end of the day phase.
When you die, your allegiance as well as your role will be revealed.

Game Size

30 players
3 Mafia
3 dormants
24 civilians

Player Sign-Ups

  1. RadicalFuzz
  2. Blindknagg
  3. Augustus
  4. Pimp Willy
  5. DarkGeneral
  6. Skizzz
  7. Combo_Knight
  8. Exodus.
  9. ForgeDigger
  10. D’Nyc3
  11. orochizoolander‌
  12. jasonC
  13. AlphaCommando
  14. DukeC
  15. XthAtGAm3RGuYX
  16. GodotsRevenge
  17. LordWilliam1234
  18. Cyntalan
  20. Sumazndude
  21. The Co-Jones
  22. Icege
  23. Synonym
  24. Bious
  25. Black Jesus The Chief


  1. Vynce

SRK Mafia Leaderboard & Forum Game Queue

Sign me up, I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time :tup:

Also, this is actually SRK Mafia 17, not 16. DBZ was 15 and Shards of Alara was 16.

I’m gonna be so bummed if I get lynched. Since Forge & I ran the last few games I haven’t played anything in forever.


I’m in.

But can’t change to potato-girl av because of pony bet grumbles


Sign me up, Hecatomb.


Do you mean this potato girl @Blindknagg?


Put me in coach


Curse you Fuzz! :mad:


Put me in.

As a Sub.



I can’t commit to this with work being all fucked up. I’ll be rooting for my favorites :tup:.


*Sign me up. Couple of things though:

1: Don’t expect much from me this game. If the theme of the game wasn’t so awesome (and my boy Heca wasn’t running it) I’d be sitting this one out.

2: As per rules of my agreement with AmazingCommando I’ll be voting @RadicalFuzz‌ day 1.




Oh, and put me in as a sub.


Don’t put me in. Blame missing person.


But @Kaz, he was Mafia anyway!

Plus you killed AC. Why pass that chance up again




What’d he do again?


In. Theme and setup looks sweet!


MP had him pegged as mafia, made a post with an epic mountain of evidence on why he was mafia, kaz got lynched turning out to be civilian, the rest is history


Ok, but why is MP at fault then? I remember that epic read that turned out false, but where does the “he’s the reason I’m not playing” come in? :sweat:


PJSalt (



I told you already. No.

Trust me, the last thing you want is me participating in one of these.