SRK Member Bishop "ShatterStar" Wagner Passed Away


All reports are coming in that he passed away.

This year can go choke on it.

Kick cancers ass! Shatterstar support thread

If there’s any chance it’s still not true, please please.



@Ephidel mentioned it and @RockBogart double checked it.


This is sad news :frowning:
I wish his family and friends strength and courage in to upcoming period


RIP Shatta. May your Negro Installs burn bright SRK Brother.


Damnit this fuckin sucks. Rip shatta… Ill be rocking your shirts this week.


RIP,shatterstar. Kept your chin up through the end.


Well fuck…

2016 can go and suck it.

RIP Shatta :sad:


RIP to my homie Shatta. Met this dude in IMM 02-03ish, one of best talents in there and kept it real with everyone. Gotta rock my NI shirt now, RIP Bro :sad: you’re in a better place



Rest in peace.


RIP Shatta. Gonna marathon some Bayonetta in your honor, bro.




stupid question.
is it possible to make Shatterstar an honorary mod for the day?
or is that silly?
i personally think its a good idea. i think he wouldve liked that.


Damn, that’s sad. RIP man.


He will live on forever as a meme nobody will ever understand

Negro Install



Next person to do this type of fuckery gets its for a lifetime.

This is not the time and you will not be afforded my patience.


Rest easy brother. Your watch has ended.


RIP Dude, he fought it out until the very end


Fuck you Cancer! You couldn’t let the man live. RIP to an OG member. You’ll never be forgotten Shatta!