SRK Newbie Saikyo Dojo Arcade Stick FAQ (Read this before asking questions)

Does anyone know where I can get a fightstick in South africa?


Thanks CSword well I got all my Qds disconnected but at the casualty of one button :frowning: I guess I was just yanking that mofo to damn hard and the black piece the QDs plug into came out along with a white piece of plastic a tiny spring and a tiny metal ball that resembles a BB. Now the button seems to be in a permanent down state. I am like honey badger and dont give a shit but is there some way to still salvage the button? thanks again in advance

Was the button you removed a stock Madcatz SE button? If so, good riddance XD

Those things are so stupid that they are supposed to break when you remove them.

Lmao nope sadly it was a sanwa stock out of a te :frowning:

Hello all, I’ve been looking to buy a stick for my ps2/wii. I don’t want to buy the tvc stick well…soley for tvc but rather just get a good ps2 stick to also play ps2 games and use adapter for wii. Problem is its so hard to get a hold of decent ps2 stick, and I’ve heard mixed reviews on the universal sticks (mayflash, pelican etc.). Also still fairly new to sticks so not quite into modding, or else i’d just try to mod my TE for ps2/wii. Any suggestions would be helpful, thanks.

OK, the links and broken punctuation in the guide should all be fixed now. Sorry for the delay. Let me know if I missed anything.

I’ve looked on the what stick thread (very helpful), also posted on it, not much luck though. I think the fact is its just hard to come by good ps2 stick nowadays. Would’ve liked to have found a hrap 2 SA but that isn’t very realistic lol… kinda rare to find one seems like (if you know something gimme a heads up, i couldn’t find any within reasonable price) I think i’m going the mayflash ps2 route (I like the design of that one a lot more than the universal) Maybe after some time i’ll just replace buttons and joystick one day or find a modder around my area. One last thing, have you heard any problems with the ps2/gc,wii converter and using ps2 sticks? Maybe this isn’t right place to post that question, but i’ll give it a shot. Anyways, thanks for your reply man.

So ive been using an arcade stick for about 2 years now and im wondering is there any kind of health risk towards my wrist/hands and seeing that you use your fingers alot and its alot of moving envolved would this help out in any other task other than playing a video game? Btw im being dead serious. Im just curious

Bad answer: many repetitive involving your arms/hands/writs have associated health risks.

Better answer: we’re not medical professionals. Ask your doctor.

Ikagi-chan was selling his HRAP2-SA. Not sure if he’s still got it though.

Need some advice, I have been trying to get use to my stick for two months now, I am comfortable with the stick part but I am having issues with the buttons.

I have big hands, long fingers, so its really hard to position my hands so I can easily and more importantly speedily hit grabs and focuses. A lot of the time I will miss a tech throw because I am that millisecond to late to reach the buttons. Anyone with big hands have any tips to make it less awkward and more fluid? This is the only time I wish I had smaller hands lol.

I just bought my first TE stick on the 360 and man its awsome. I used to play in the arcades back in the day so im a bit rusty. I am thinking about changing the gate to octagon gate and the stick to a bat top.

What is a decent arcade stick i can get for PC ? windows XP

What do you guys think about this one ?

i got around 50$ for a stick

Does any one know if a Wii to ps3/ps2 converter exists. I have the Tatsunoko vs Capcom stick and it’s a solid stick for the price, but I’d love to be able to use to for Guilty Gear on the ps2. If I can somehow use it for my PS3 too I’d gladly have it modded/attempt to mod it myself.

Hey guys. I’m still new to using arcade sticks and I’m having a lot of trouble doing forward dragon-punches. Does anyone have any tips on how to do them properly? I don’t really have an issue doing away dragon-punches, but forwards just escapes me :frowning: .

Check out the execution thread:

Hello, I have 3 questions regarding arcade sticks:

    1. firmare update: should I worry about them ? (on ps3) I read several reviews on amazon from people who said that after firmare 3.5 update for ps3, their AS were made obsolete, they couldn’t play online anymore. That made me worry, I want to buy an AS for ps3 to play online, I’m considering something good, madcatz or hori - but should I worry about a firmare update that might render my arcade obsolete ?
    1. I am interested if I can make the stick work for the Xbox 360 too - there are any converters ? I know there is an answer of this on the front page, but the link attached doesn’t work anymore. Thank you.
    1. I found this hori stick: Hori Officially Licensed Real Arcade Pro V3 SA
      Since it’s new, it is not covered in most of the reviews for arcade sticks, so what do you think, is it good ? - aren’t the buttons too close to the stick ?
      Is this hori good or should I the Madcatz TE ? - is a little more expensive.

If I am used to the standard MvC2 arcade stick controls, what custom settings should I put for MvC3?

This is my major disadvantage when I play online or H2H. I can’t find a good button configuration like MvC2.

Ps3 user here.

  1. No need to worry about firmware updates on PS3.
  2. I dont know of any converters worth mentioning. Most folks get their sticks dual modded. There are parts you can install in the stick to add support for other consoles, but its always easier to start with a 360 stick and add in PS3 and other support than it is to start with a PS3 stick and add in 360. There are also techs who willing to do the mod for you.
  3. The HRAP VX or HRAP V3 are good sticks, buttons are not too close to the stick. The TEs are well known and there are more third party parts available for modding; that is it’s major advantage. The Hori’s have slightly better electronics in them (No PC chipset compatability issues like the PS3 TE has, no trigger problems like the 360 TE has.) Both are good choices, with the TEs being easier to mod, and the Horis having less electronic issues out of the box.

If I were you, I’d keep an eye on the trading outlet section of SRK, and look to buy a dual modded stick, or check out the threads of folks who do stick mods so you can talk to them and get their advice on the best way to end up with a dual modded stick.

You can set the button config to however you like; closest to MvC2 layout would be:
L H A1
M S A2

But frankly, I dont see that its worth it. I tried that layout for a while, and wasnt able to make it work for me. I’d recommend just sticking with the ‘official’ layout and just training on it until you’re solid.
S A1 A2

what’s the verdict on mayflash universal sticks?

it’s been asked several times in this thread, but i didn’t see an answer