SRK Newbie Saikyo Dojo Arcade Stick FAQ (Read this before asking questions)

USB connectivity problems? What are you on about? Never heard of any issues like that.


And this is what im on about

I’ve always liked fighting games, but now I’ve started to play more of them on my PC. I don’t have any type of controller, so I’ve been rolling with my keyboard, but I find it really hard to do combos in USFIV. Like I often miss the button in general play and when I’m in training mode, I find my left hand(Hand doing the directions) starts to get tense and my ring finger aches when doing QCF motions. When I go to friend’s houses and play with a pad, I always get the buttons confused and don’t find it very intuitive, but it may just be inexperience. Would it be wise to get an arcade stick if I’m planning to play a lot more fighting games in the future (E.g. Skullgirls, SFV)?

I’d say so. I don’t see how playing on a keyboard is possible, but I guess some people do it. I would imagine changing controllers (keyboard and pad) is very confusing and probably not helping your game.

I used a pad my whole life until a few months ago when I bought an arcade stick. My fingers, hands, and brain felt uncomfortable for at least a month, but I got used to it and now I could never go back. To me, the purchase was an A+.

Great thread.

I really wanna learn stick and will probably get one sometime in the future. Will be rereading this and other stuck threads throughout my eventual transition. I’ll probably play on pad at times. I just wanna add, not necessarily substitute to what I already use, but who knows? Only time will tell.

I had some questions regarding arcade sticks, but figured they didn’t warrant a thread if this one already exists… so that’s my reasoning for bumping this.

Is the response time between when you push a button on and when the game picks it up better on the arcade stick?
How long do arcade sticks last? For example the madcatz line of arcade sticks. I figured with their price point on the TE2s I should get some decent mileage out of them.

Some sticks have no or hardly any delay, while others have more. In general they are slower than the standard controller that belong to their respective consoles though.
I’m talking about half a frame delay, which is negliable and doess’t impact gameplay in the slightest(some disagree).

Arcade sticks are very very durable, i’ve had 3 hori sticks and one is currently 5 years old and still works fine except for having to replace 2 buttons, it was a lower budget stick though. My other stick is a few years old and works perfect still.

Madcatz build quality on the TE’s is great, they will also lats you years if you aren’t doing anythign crazy with it.

Some buttons might give out or the cable might get torn, but all of that is extremely easily fixed or replaced.

If you play multiple times a week for a few hours everytime i image those sticks will last you years still. All of it is very durable.

Hey everyone. I just picked up USF4 about a week and a half ago so im pretty new to the community. I just switched over from pad to stick today and noticed I’m having a hard time transitioning. The character I’ve been using is ryu and on pad I could hammer out tatsus, hadokens,and shoryukens all day long but on stick my quarter circle motion and my Z motion seems to be hyper sensitive or something. Takes me a couple tries to actually hado or tatsu and my ultras have become!e less than reliable. Is this just a matter of getting used to playing on stick? Has anyone else experienced is as well?

Yes and yes.

After 20 years of playing on a pad, I made the transition to stick. The first few days were brutal, but I was able to do everything after a week or two. Now, I think playing with an arcade stick is way more fun than pad and I will never go back.

Pardon me if this question is pointless and the images of the controllers are too big but will the “NES30” and “NES30 Pro” controllers stand the fighting game genre?

I am asking this because I am using 8bitdo’s controllers for Retrogaming and I wonder with the upgradeable firmware that it can win tournaments. No, I don’t think that the upgradeable firmware will contain any underhanded functions. It’s just that I am wondering if I could win tournaments provided I take care.

If you’re talking about SF5, then probably not because PS4 is going to be the tournament standard and those controllers won’t work with a PS4 and I think the devices that could enable controllers like that are illegal.

Even if they are legal, I’m not sure why you would use those instead of a PS4 controller. Just by looking at it (they look a little cheap), I’d say a PS4 controller uses better parts.

I got a few questions:

  1. I noticed on replays and such that people press a lot of buttons with (to me) weird timing. Like they are holding back, jab, and then immidietly you can see LP+MP on their move list aswell.
    Not sure if all of those are supposed to be option selects, and I don’t know if this is even limited to arcade sticks. I know you can OS on pad.
    I just want to make sure that I know what’s going on in these situations.
    Example: at 18 seconds you can see what I mean on Adon’s move list.

  2. Another thing that I noticed is that a lot of stick players don’t use the 3 Punch/Kick buttons on their sticks.
    Isn’t it kinda risky to press 3 buttons instead of just one and accidently come out with an unwanted move?
    I mean, I got used to pressing 2 buttons for an EX Uppercut, but 3 buttons seems kinda hard. Might just be because I play on pad and we all know how great the Xbox360 shoulder buttons are :confused:

  3. At what point is it worth getting an arcade stick?
    I really want one, I am not sure if I invest enough time into the game to warrant such an expensive purchase. And…you know…MadCatz ain’t cheap with their stuff.
    One thing it would get rid of is the pain of doing FADC combos. Like, doing Cannon Spike FADC backdash into Ultra 1 feels like I’m breaking my thumb.
    I don’t find playing on pad exhausting, but doing motions to the left quickly gets really difficult, especially in the heat of battle.
    Also kara throws are super tricky on pad, at least for me. I can’t do crawling on Xbox360 either since it’s too bulky to do it comfortably.

  1. When you press a button one frame after another the game will assume that you meant to hit both on the same frame, so if you press jab, then mp with a frames difference in timing, the input display will read jab then jab+mp, rather than just mp. Because mp has higher priority than lp the mp will the come out. This is exploited in a technique called plinking. For example, if your character has a link to an mp you can first press mp and then lp on the following frame. What will happen is that you will get mp inputs for two consecutive frames, and therefore getting an additional chance of correctly timing the link. The input display will show mp then jab+mp.

The jab, lp+mp at 0:18 is because he messed up his plink, but he follows that up with mp, lp+mp which is correct.

Here’s a video explanation that also shows you how to perform the technique:

  1. Use 3p/k buttons if you like them. I think players disable them because they’re used to 6 button sticks.

  2. A stick isn’t necessarily better than a pad, so it’s not really an upgrade. In SFV for example, I’d argue that a pad is better than a stick because none of the stick specific execution techniques are particularly useful, and you can do motions faster on a pad. You buy one because that’s what you like, not to become better.

So what is the big difference between the new Madcatz TE2+ and the TES+ Arcade Stick?

Asking as I can’t decide on which stick to pre-order sometime this week.
Currently using the Madcatz Street Fighter x Tekken Arcade Stick, which looks similar to the TES+.

In doing my own research, it seems like the only real difference is that TE2+ is easier to customize/modify due to a hinged/easy-open case and also features a detachable cord, while the TES+ has a permanently affixed cord and isn’t as easy to mod (though it can still be done).

I just ordered an HRAP4 Kai in anticipation for SFV. I pre-ordered the game months ago but never got a beta code, so unfortunately I still haven’t tried the game. Would anybody be open to helping me get better when the game comes out? :slight_smile:

Welcome to SRK. Please use the matchmaking portions of the site after SFV comes out.

I think this thread has served its purpose. The stick thread in tech talk is more current and better maintained. It’s a better place to look for info these days.

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