SRK Newbie Saikyo Dojo Arcade Stick FAQ (Read this before asking questions)

Ok, thanks.
I’ll probably get a round 2 then, because the round S aren’t supposed to be as comfortable…

Hmmm. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a stick for SSFIV. This answered quite a few of my questions. Thanks.

Just found this thread out, been using pad since I started playing Championship Edition on the Genesis!!! Been using the TE SF4 stick for about 3 months, still not where I am at when I was using a pad and it’s been a frustruated journey and still is…

I have a question, 2 actually…

  • For first time stick users do you guys recommend that Im using the square gate?

  • My execution is not bad, Im just having ALLOT of problems doing FADC to Ultras. Like Ken dp to U1 and guys lp shoulder FADC to U1, you have to have quick reflexes for these inputs and honestly this is one of the few things im having problems with but BIG TIME problems…any tips besides “practice practice!!!”

Thanks for the feedback.

Square gate is fine.

If you are having problems with execution, check out the second part of this guide. It has a bunch of advice to help you figure out what you’re doing wrong.

Well, Sony now gave support for the new HRAP to work PlayStation 2 games on PlayStation 3.
So now my above Post is not correct.

24mm Buttons

Hi there!

Very new to this whole thing, but I am taking on the task of building my own arcade stick. I have read through slagcoin’s amazing guide and I am now deciding on the parts to use.

I got stuck at the buttons. My hands are very small and it doesnt feel comfortable with the 30mm buttons no matter which spacing I use, so 24mm buttons (PS-14-D-N clear) is indeed a valid option to me, but:

Are they just as durable as the rest of seimitsu’s PS-14 buttons despite the D-N ones are based on a start button?


wife hates the stick… not in that way.

So I have an arcade stick but my wife hates the clicking sounds. She doesn’t mind when I use the PS3 I want to play more SSFIV. Is it worth it to upgrade to one of the new Madcatz fightpads? I see they’ve gotten mixed reviews.

I don’t recommend a fightpad if you plan to get it on the PS3. Free1up on Youtube for example said in a video he went through three fightpads on the PS3 because the wireless chip died. The Xbox 360 fightpads though are wired and I have a Ryu one from SFIV. I don’t really like it much but it is still working great.

They are as durable as any other buttons, despite their smaller size. Suzo Happ buttons that are used in American cabinets use 24s, and they work perfectly fine, and I see no problem using PS-14 DNs for buttons. Hope this helps.

I personally own a Madcatz Fight Pad for the 360, and I have to say, from switching from a Xbox 360 Pad to the Fight Pad, improved my game ten fold, but after switching from the Fight Pad to Fight Stick, in my opinion, I can’t really play as well as I can play on a stick. The pads are just fine, but you might see a drop of how well you are playing when you switch from Stick to Fight Pad. Hope this helps.


They are ~28mm actually. 1 1/8 inches.

Really? Didn’t know that, thanks Starcade. I should really should of researched it before running my mouth like that. My bad, sorry…

Uwah, sounds tight

Thanks dood. no 30mm buttons for me then~

What kind of tool do I need to take the screws off my template from my TE stick?

“L” Wrench. Size 3 I believe.

3mm Allen Wrench.

Thanks guys!

Does anyone know where I can buy a TE stick in Canada for a reasonable price?

Thank you for this wonderful guide.

Typo spotted. Button layout for Street Fighter, it currently says HP when it should be HK.

Oh hai.

Right, I’ve been thinking about this for a few days now, here’s my thing:

I’ve been playing SSFIV seriously since about a week after its release, previously I had Vanilla and rarely played and had no idea what I was doing. Super got me into it really well and I’ve enjoyed many of the articles, hints, tips and tutorials on Shoryuken over the last month or so which have taken me from being a total noob, to being able to work over my friends and a satisfactory amount of people online.

Anyway, I’ve been using the 360 pad’s analog stick (the d-pad seemed quicker but much less precise, plus it hurts like hell after a few too many rekakkens/shienkyakus with Fei) and I’ve managed to break the left stick on one pad, and the RB button on another just a couple of days ago. So I figured I’d get a stick, and get a bit more serious with my development as a player along with it.

I looked around and the general concensus is that the MadCatz Street Fighter SE is a good choice, your thread here confirms that pretty well, but you’ve got it marked at around the $50 mark, which in England for me is around £35, yet everywhere I’ve looked it’s only available for a minimum of £65+ Are there some secret websites you guys have?

My only other concern relates to the precision needed for the inputs for a stick, because right now on a pad I know the inputs can be sloppy as hell but still come out right without any problems on demand; so with a stick is it perfect commands or nothing comes out? Or is there some sort of similar smoothing for sticks as well? Noob question I know.

Any replies will be appreciated :smiley: