SRK Newbie Saikyo Dojo Execution Guide (read me!)


When moves require a back charge, or a down charge, you’re able to charge both when you put the stick in a crouch block position. So if you put your stick in the down-back position, you have both charges. In the case of Balrog’s headbutt, if you move the stick from down-back to up-back and press punch, you’ll get a headbutt, but you’ll still maintain the ‘back’ charge so that you can do an ultra as soon as you land.

Using a charge character takes some getting used to, since a lot of your time is spent finding ways to stay mobile, while learning when and where to maintain charge and how to quickly use these moves and begin charging again. An example would be to put your stick in the down-back position as soon as you jump. This way by the time you land, you’re a split second away from having access to all of your charge moves, which allows you do combos that involve charge moves.


So I dont have to charge again after the headbutt, just put in the Violent Buffalo command? Havent tried that but Ill give it a shot later. I understand they take practice but Im pretty clueless when it comes to charge buffering and all those tricks.


No, because you already have the back charge during headbutt. This is why you go from down-back to up-back in order to input the headbutt command, you still retain the ‘back’ charge. So once you land from the headbutt, you’re able to perform Ultra1 or super.

This trick applies to any and all charge characters.


UMVC3: tips on superjumping on xbox controller??? I can’t pull it off consistently (and get lockdowned by dr.doom’s plasma bEam)
How to air combo properly???after I launch I am always late to jump up and aircombo my opponent.


Is there any particular tip anyone could give me for doing a reversal dp? I’m always either too early so the dp doesn’t come out or too late so that there is a few frames where I’m just standing there (and can be punished). Is there any way to buffer the dp like you can with a backdash or do I just need to work on my timing?


Practice, practice, practice.

Go into training mode, set the dummy to do a cr.RH every few seconds. Run the playback and let yourself get tripped. Try to go for the reversal DP every time on wake-up. You want to press the punch or kick button for the input the second that your character is about to stand up. Keep practicing it until you get the ‘reversal’ message. If it doesn’t work the first time, adjust your timing by a split second later or earlier. Experiment until you figure it out.


I don’t understand how to do charge ultras, at all.


Hold :b: for, like, a really long time. Like fifteen seconds, just to be safe (in actuality, you only have to hold it for just shy of one second, but that’s neither here nor there). Then quickly (but accurately) press :f:, then :b:, then :f:+whatever buttons you need for the ultra.

There is also what I like to call the “triangle” charge: hold :db: for a couple of seconds, then quickly (but accurately) press :f:, then :b:, then :ub:+whatever OR :uf:+whatever buttons you need for the ultra.

Not sure if you were looking for a basic breakdown like this or something more?


I think a video would help maybe? I would consider myself an intermediate player, but I just recently took up charge characters and cannot do the ultras to save my life. My thing is I have trouble not getting down forward instead of just forward when doing it really fast.


If you’re starting charge characters, I recommend charging for 2 seconds. Although if you’re really proficient at it, it will only take about 1 second and a little bit of change, for now, try the 2 second charging rule. Start in the down-back position, since this is the best way to charge all of your specials. When you flick the joystick forward, make sure you move it slightly up and forward, it’s an awkward motion if you’re not used to it, but it’s the quickest, most effective, and most consistent way of doing it. Newer players tend to drag the stick downwards while doing the motion, which is the problem you’re having now. The best way to make sure is to turn on input display, and try to make nice and clean inputs.

There’s no secret to it, just keep practicing.

Once you learn how to gain back charge, and down charge, then you can begin learning how to be mobile with your character, and choose when to charge your moves. For example, everytime to jump, your stick should instantly go to the down-back position again, so that you can gain charge as soon as possible for when you land. But that’s slightly more advanced, for now, worry about getting the moves out consistently.


This. Also, LPLoveless, if you have any friends with an octo-gate, make some time to sit down and feel where :f: is vs :df:. I sub Chun-Li and I use an octo-gate, and all of my friends say I’m crazy, but I swear it helps.

As far as videos are concerned, check out VesperArcade’s Trial videos for Street Fighter. They always show the stick + hands doing the inputs.


This is exactly what I needed. :tup: I keep resting my fingers on the punch buttons and couldn’t figure out how to get them down to the kick buttons comfortably. Thanks a lot for the link.


thanks, very helpfull thread


In training mode (SFxT) how do I know what is supposed to link vs. chain vs. cancel. It says chains apply to normals do they also apply to special moves? and can you link a normal move to a special move? Having trouble with Akuma’s s.lp>>s.hp>EX gohadoken>EX goshoryuken. I can get to the gohadoken but can’t connect the shoryuken, not sure when exactly I’m supposed to be doing the input. Sorry guys, still a scrub haha thanks for any advice!


Thanks for the info. Very helpful!


Your question may be better served in the SFxT sub-forum or as its own thread in the NSD. I haven’t played any SFxT, so I don’t know how the mechanics work. (Otherwise I’d answer you to the best of my ability!) This thread is more of a general guideline, not specific game advice - that’s not to say that you can’t get specific help here, but you may get it faster and more accurately if you post elsewhere =)

  • Chains are by definition normals only. A chain is a series of normals that can cancel into another normal. In SFxT, you normally cannot cancel a chain series into a special, but ex specials, supers, and tag cancels (the mp + mk one, not the 3 bar team super one) can be. Launchers (obviously) also can be.

  • Although most of the time when we talk about links it’s one normal to another, a link is really any move that can be comboed out of without using a cancel. In other words, anything that leaves them in a comboable state and leaves you with enough frame advantage to land something else is a link. You can link normals into specials, or supers (or even in some rare cases in SF4, into ultras). You can also sometimes link specials into supers. Across all the different SF games, you can probably find examples of virtually everything linking into pretty much everything else.

  • As best I can tell, the Akuma combo you asked about is corner only. Disclaimer: the first time I ever played Akuma in SFxT it was to check training mode to give you an answer; I might not have tried hard enough to make it land mid screen.


Thanks trouble! yea I got it to work in the corner, appreciate you looking into it. That info on links and chains was very helpful!


All right I have been playing on stick for about 2 years and now my stick broke and I have decided to try to learn pad.
I feel like I have lost basically every skill I learned on stick. I can’t even cancel a cr hp into hp Srk.(In addition to my main question can someone tell me how to do cr hp into hp SRK on pad)
Is there some kind of pad execution guide here on SRK?
Also I am on an xbox 360 controller.


The first page of this thread will give you all the help you need. Using both a stick and a pad still uses the same basic theory to improve your execution. Look at your inputs, determine where you screwed up, start off slow in the beginning so you can get the basic motions down, and…

Practice, practice, practice, practice, practice.