SRK Newbie Saikyo Dojo Execution Guide (read me!)


I’m learning a stick… but what is really troubling me is the double qcf/qcb motions - almost all the time I end doing a DP motion instead for some reason.

I’m using a HRAP 3 SA, by the way - a good quality stick and all (Sanwa buttons and etc). So, there is any tip at all to improve my execution, or I’ll have to struggle trying?

Thanks in advance.


Look at the post above you, same rule applies.


Quick question. With the knowledge of frame data and execution in general (at least I think this is an execution question), is it possible for me to make my own combos using this information?

Also, what exactly constitutes as a BnB combo? If I try making my own, what should I consider?

The game in question here is SFxT


A Bread and Butter combo is basically what’s viewed as the workhorse combo you should go to. They are considered such for a combination of things including damage, meter use/gain, ease of hit confirming, positioning, and reset potential. For some characters it’s really straight forward; others are far more complex.

Yes, you can use frame data and a handle on execution to make your own combos. You also need to consider how the game engine works as well. Things like damage scaling and juggle rules are a huge consideration as well.

These days Ideal combos generally get figured out somewhat early in a game’s life. Don’t let that keep you from experimenting though.


Yeah I’ve seen a bunch of combo threads and all. I think I would actually learn better by trying to do things on my own, for execution purposes. I’m somewhat a beginner but i am a swift learner.


Can anyone recommend improving cancelling crouching normals into a DP motion?


Practice, practice, practice. Ain’t no trick to it but to do it.


What I mean is, is the recommended way to do this 623? Or 323?


I recommend doing it the legit way, as in not using the input shortcuts. Start off at a crouch position, doesn’t matter if it’s defensive crouch or neutral crouch. Press the normal, and go into 6-2-3. If you drag your hands by doing the 3-2-3 method, it might screw you over when you start to play other games, new or old. Also, this helps you improve on your precision with left-hand inputs, so that you won’t accidentally get a crouch normal into DP when you want a crouch normal into fireball.


This seems really difficult to me, as I’m always afraid pressing forward will take me out of crouch. I can also never seem to get it out fast enough. It’s really the only movement I seem to consistently have trouble with. Oh well, I’ll get it eventually.


Yeah, it takes some time to be able to do it quickly. The idea is that you first begin your crouching normal, in the crouch position. And then from there, you just do a DP motion pretty fast, so that you’re able to cancel the normal into a special move.

Try doing it slow at first, and ALWAYS watch your inputs in the input display. Make sure you get nice, clean motions. You probably won’t get the cancel at first, but you’ll at least learn the basic motion of it…which is FAR more important than learning to do an incorrect move quickly. Work up towards building up your hand speed.


OK, so I am curious if you can set up training mode to be hard knocked down so I can practice wake up moves.
In game I am having trouble with wake-up Shoryukens though I see other players do it to me.
I guess I need to look at frame data, but I thought the first few frames of a Srk were invincible…


Even though you are a “guest” and this may be a joke post, I feel that we should teach each other so we can all be better players and have greater battles.
What you are trying to do is called a “charge move” You have to hold Down on the directional pad for 2 seconds and then very quickly move the pad up and hit a punch button (the fist denotes a punch button) and that is how a charge move is done.

I recommend checking out TBirdSF’s AWESOME guide for beginners.



Set the training dummy to trip you, and then do a jump attack during your wake-up. Put the dummy on record, let yourself be tripped, and have a blast practicing wake-up dragon punches.

You’re either timing your reversals wrong, or you’re using the wrong version.


To elaborate, not all DPs are invincible. I’m not exactly sure of the specifics, but the general idea is jab DP starts the fastest, maybe medium DP has the most invincibility, and heavy DP does the most damage and moves the farthest, but it’s slow and vulnerable.


Speaking of Dragon Punches, I have a real hard time trying to execute one especially on a PS2/PS3 controller. I can picture the Z Motion in head but the execution is another matter and it sort of bothers me that I still have problems with it. I think I might had done it too fast as I see myself pushing the right buttons yet I tend to move my hands a lot. Can anyone tell me any methods or motions that I can use to grasp the Z Motion easier?


Walk forward a tiny, tiny bit then throw a little more than half of a fireball.

it literally is f, d, df + p (go to training mode, turn on input display, work on it)


Turn on input display and check out what motions you’re doing wrong. Stand on 1p side, leave your controller at neutral, and do a Z motion. Which means going right, then directly down, and then down-forward. It helps to hold the down-forward position when you press your button, to ensure that you remain in that position.

No tricks of any kind here. Just constant practice.


I’ve played UMVC3 for awhile, and understood alot of combos and such. I thought that I was super good because I cand do combos that in all honesty, require very little skill.

I recently picked up SSFIV:AE and a WWE All Stars Brawlstick. I jumped into it with very little idea on how to really do anything. Execution rise, I was about 75%. Its been about two weeks and in all honesty I still can’t beat arcade mode on normal without dieing like twenty times. Online Mode is alot worse too, and I play my brother I win from me not even trying.

I practiced alot in training, mostly execution of my characters special moves. I think I got that up alot more, but still combos were impossible to me.

I looked up frame data, links for characters and combos for my character, but it still doesn’t click. Timing rarely works even alot of practice that is put into it.

Even if I can pull off a combo or two, I use them poorly in fights. The whole round will lead to me being a idiot and trying to only do this combo. Not looking for openings, not blocking, just trying to do my combo that probably wouldn’t work anyway because my timing is rather bad.

Is there any easier way to learn links? I tried plinking but I still time it wrong. I use Cody if that helps anyone out.


It sounds like the reason why you’re not doing so well in SF4, is because ALL you’re trying to do is land combos. Combos are, in my opinion, the least important aspect of SF play. You don’t get KOd because you dropped a combo, you got KOd because you took WAY too much damage, put yourself into many bad situations, and played recklessly.

If you want to do better, I suggest you stop worrying so much about doing trial mode combos and advanced links, stick to basic bnb combos that you can reliably, and during a live match. Spend the rest of your effort worrying about your defense, your spacing, your ability to block mix-ups, cross-ups, throws, as well as your ability to anti-air jump ins. Offense isn’t what wins you the game, it’s defense.

As far as landing links go, other than the plinking method and double tap execution tricks, you’re going to have to practice. No shortcut for that, just daily practice in order to get it locked into your muscle memory, so that when you actually bring those combos out to a real match, you’re able to do it effortlessly.

And read the execution stickies in the newbie section.