SRK Newbie Saikyo Dojo Execution Guide (read me!)


It comes easier with practice. Are you able to reliably perform an SRK or tatsu off of a cr.lp? Some players, and especially new players, can have problem with having enough hand-speed to do the SRK motion from the down-position.


I can consistenly get an SRK out of one light attack (I like to cross of > cr.lp xx hp. SRK, but its hard to hit confirm off of just one light attack), it’s off of two or more light attacks that screws me up. Perhaps it might be more worth my while to try and link the first light attack into a, that way I know I have hit a link and not a chain and therefore can safely use a special. However, I assume linking light attacks is something I should not put off, just learn it now rather than substituting it because of my laziness. Although, what is typically more practical mid-match?


Linking for now would work well. This can help you learn to hit confirm your combos, and know whether or not you should go for a more damaging SRK or a fireball to create distance. The problem is that I don’t think cr.lp ~ is a true blockstring, so it’s possible they can reversal that link if they’re blocking.

So while your solution will work for now, it can never hurt to continue learning how to link your light attacks instead of chaining them. Any skill or tool that you can put under your belt will only help you land consistent wins. Plus using light attacks will not only help you hit confirm your combos, but it creates very little pushback, so that you’re able to go for tick throws and frame traps with greater ease. Using might push them far enough away where you’re not going to be able to apply any mix-ups that you’ll need in order to capitalize off of your knockdowns and cross-up attacks.


Simply awesome, thanks for all the help! As a newer person trying to get into the fgc scene, people like you really make it the process a lot more painless! :slight_smile:


Glad I could help. Starting off in the fighting game genre can be very intimidating and it’s a pretty steep learning curve, so I’m just doing what I can to help usher new players into this genre and get them going on the right foot.

There’s no shortage of info here on these forums. Many of the common questions that you’ll want to ask have probably been answered in the FAQs and stickies in this section. If you can’t find it there, then feel free to ask on the forums. There’s no such thing as a stupid question if you’ve genuinely tried to look for the answer yourself.


I’ve been really trying to iron out my flaws while playing and not missing as many opportunities to do damage/turn the tables as I am now. One thing that I’m a little annoyed by is dropping combos or flubbing up a block string. I know that I’m supposed to grind that stuff out in training mode, but I wanna know how other people do it.

So when you’re practicing a combo and trying to nail the timing, do you just go non-stop until you can get it consistently, maybe taking a small break or two, or do you just have smaller sessions and get it more consistently over time?


What I do is set a goal for repetitions usually 15-20 sometimes 30 then keep going until I get X times in a row


Practice your combo and blockstrings several times in a row. Around 10 times or more. If you’re not getting the timing down, try to do your best to make small changes to your timing. Maybe you do the movements too quickly, too slowly, or you press the buttons a frame or two early or late. Don’t just will your way and try to force yourself to learn a certain combo in a rigid fashion, be willing to change up your timing and motions until you find a way to do it consistently, and grind it out.

Of course, this gets tiresome and boring around the 15th or 20th time that you’ve tried it. So just take a break. Either practice something else, try to play some matches online, try out different characters, practice different setups. Do something different to break up the monotony and prevent you from getting bored and/or frustrated with your progress. Taking a step back and taking a breath, and trying that setup again at a later time, will actually help you develop muscle memory quicker as opposed to just doing it 500 times in a row without stopping.

Once you’re able to perform that combo or blockstring ten times in a row without fail, you’ve probably got it down, and now you’re ready to START applying that skill to your live matches. It won’t transition perfectly during the heat of combat, but at least you’ll have developed a comfortable base by nailing that motion during training mode, which makes it x10 easier to apply it consistently during your fights.

Rinse and repeat until you’re Evo champ.


How do you do the teleport in SF4? I read that it was three punches and shoryuken, I know about the shoryuken but what does the the three punches mean?


Press all 3 punch buttons at the same time when you end your shoryuken motion. If you’re having a pad, the 3 punches can be assigned to a single button to make life easier. If you’re referring to Dhalsim’s teleport, he can also use all 3 kick buttons to change where he ends up teleporting.


Speaking of buttons, does really matter how strong, medium or light the punches and kicks are? I am not currently using a stick but you pretty much get the same result when you use them right?


What? What do you mean? All buttons feel exactly the same, but when you purchase a stick, you normally have two different button layouts. One is the Japanese style, which is staggered to make each button press equidistant (since your fingers are of different lengths from one another), and the other layout is the American style, which is just the top and bottom bank of buttons are in a straight line.

Not sure if that’s what you meant, but hopefully that clears it up.


It matters cause the strength of the button that you use determines the speed and/or range of whatever special that you did… Ie light punches throw slow fireballs and heavy punches throw fast fireballs, light kicks throw short range hurricane kicks and heavy kicks hrow long range hurricane kicks.

If you are wondering if there is a differencehow hard you need to press the buttons from stick to pad and whether that makes a difference, no it doesnt. Fighting game inputs are generally digital and are simply on and off, not analog where the strength of a press determines the move to come out.



Oh ok, I got it now.


How do you do mash moves like Hands or Lightning Legs on a pad? (In my case, a regular 360 pad - the heavy buttons being on the right shoulder make it really… impossible to piano or slide, I think.)


I guess you could remap the buttons so all the punches are on the face of the pad then use your right hand claw style, but that’s not really ideal.

Honestly, the stock Xbox 360 pad is pure garbage for fighting games. If you’re serious about playing and really against getting a stick, I’d at least upgrade to a Six button face style pad.


It’s difficult to perform those motions on a pad, for the very reasons that you just listed. This is generally why serious competitors prefer to play 6-button games on either an arcade stick or a pad with 6-buttons on the face + shoulder buttons.

I suppose you could just set the rear shoulder buttons to another punch or kick and attempt to slide your fingers to consistently perform mash motions. Like say you’re trying to do Honda’s hundred-hand slap (HHS). You need 5 inputs of any punch, in a row, with the 5th input being the strength of HHS that yuo desire. So you could set your right-rear shoulder button to another punch button. You slide your thumb across LP and MP, and then you slide your fingers across the HP and extra punch button, and then you press HP again with your finger to perform the motion (since Honda’s only use fierce HHS). Is this difficult? Yes, but it’s the only way I can see you doing it on a regular controller pad.


I’m trying to do the ryu trials in ae 2012. I’m having a hard time with Ryu’s jumping HK, crouch HP, hadouken and ex focus. I’m having a hard time connecting the crouching HP with the hadouken. Any tips?


cr.HP x Hadoken is a cancel. The best way to do is this:


So you hold the down position, press HP, and then input the rest of the fireball motion without returning to the neutral position. You’ll want to do the fireball motion after cr.HP fairly quickly. After you press the HP for the fireball, just press the focus attack button and let it go. That should clear that combo.

Later on when you want to focus dash cancel (FADC), I find it best to HOLD the focus button while inputting the dash, so that you don’t accidentally release.


I guess this would be the opposite problem from most people, but I’ve played on stick for almost all of my life and recently have needed to transition to pad because of wrist issues.

Anyway, I use stock PS2 pad and find annoyances like sometimes hcf (or even qcf) motions don’t come out, even though it feels like I’m doing it the exact same way every time. Sometimes one of the diagonals simply doesn’t register on the input display. Raw diagonals are also really hard to hit for stuff like Zangief SPD or games that are picky about where you end on SRK motions. Basically, diagonals diagonals diagonals.

Any advice (besides “play more”) would be welcome, sometimes I wonder if there’s something pad warriors know that I don’t.