SRK Newbie Saikyo Dojo Execution Guide (read me!)


Play the opposite of less. Go to training mode and practice crap while studying your inputs and adjust accordingly


Are you using the D-Pad or the analogue stick?


There’s no secret trick to it or anything like that. What I found helpful is applying firmer pressure to the d-pad. Sure, it builds one mean-ass callous on your thumb, but them’s the breaks when you’re set on playing on a pad. It helps to aim your thumb to hit the edges of the inside of the pad in order to ensure that you press both directional pads in order to get that diagonal. The PS2 pad is pretty god awul at this, since the d-pad is basically 4 separated switches with no base that connects to one another, which is going to make landing those diagonals hard until you get used to pressing down firmly on the inside edge of those pads.


Gotta say, this may sound like obvious advice, but this was extremely helpful to me. I started doing some of my combos by just jamming my thumb on the D-Pad and the inputs were much more consistent. I think this was my main problem, so I’ll try to work on not letting my thumb relax as much. Thanks.


since a thread was opened about 2x 2,3,6 motions, there is a difference which angle you use

I notice that when I have the stick on my lap, motions like this are harder to perform since the angles get smaller due to the height difference between the arms and the stick. Button presses are easier though, since you put more weight on the fingers and the arm can rest on the stick.

But when I have the stick on the desk on the height of my chest while sitting, motions are easier but on the other hand pressing buttons becomes more difficult due to the distance,the closer angle and the arm strain.
it is like a PC mouse. It is more comfortable having it on the desk than beside your legs when you sit.

When playing on a pad or a keyboard you do not notice these differences at all, but on a stick you do.

Eg I tried a DF, DF punch super in KOF98 (Yuri character).
I used a keyboard and a pad and with little effort I performed the super

When I tried the stick and had it on my lap, I had trouble performing it. It registered as DP instead. I had to be very precise, making sure that the stick touched the rim and didnt cross the input range. When I placed the stick on the desk, the motion became much easier.

This may be troublesome if you carry a stick and have to place it in different heights.


I am really surprised with the amount of knowledge of this forum. I’ve just got the game and I am going to hit the x-box live soon. Thanks a lot for the help :slight_smile:


Ok, I don’t know if this is allowed to be posted here so if it is wrong, please let me know.

I’ve just followed your advice and the result was amazing. I thought that since I am able to hit all the specials, supers, ultra’s of each character I was executing them right, well… WRONG

I put the imput display option on the training menu and I was moving the analog stick (x-box controller) like a madman lol I picked Balrog since you guys told me that a charge character is great to build up basic movement and knowledge of the game and really enyojed discovering his anti air (standing strong punch) I put the cpu on record and I practiced a lot (It felt good) :slight_smile:

Anyway, WAY too much innecesarry joystick movement.

P.S: I’ve read that the x-box pad is just terrible for this game. Do you guys thing that a joystick helps with accuracy? I mean, I was doing the super and it is supposed to be just charge backwards, forward, backwards, forwards and punch and the reading was like quarter circle forward, quarter circle backwards and then two forwards followed by the punch. I can land it just fine but it feels so blunt and awkward :frowning:


I’m glad to see you getting the hang of it. SF4 uses a lot of input shortcuts and very lenient timing on special moves, which is how you’re able to perform all these moves without making any clean inputs.

Balrog’s cr.fierce is also a very good anti-air. High damage too. Since Balrog spends a portion of his time charging down+back, it’s helpful to learn how to use cr.fierce, since that way you won’t lose your down charge.

Anyways. While the x-box pad isn’t ideal for fighting games, you can still perform well with it, as long as you’re willing to practice. Arcade sticks generally last longer than fighting game pads, are easy to mod and repair, and give better tactile feedback for left-hand motions, plus allows you to use a variety of fingers to press any button, which makes it easier to do certain advanced execution techniques.

But it’s absolutely NOT necessary to use a stick if you want to play casual games, or even if you want to play in occasional tournaments. Use whatever you’re comfortable with, be it pad or arcade stick.

The reason why you’re not getting clean back-forward-back motions is because you’re dragging your thumb down. So when you try to move back-forward-back, you end up sliding your thumb down before you move it, which is why you get the QCF and QCB motions. Be sure to keep your thumb in the middle of the d-pad while doing the motions.


I see, since a hadouken is down down/forward forward if I press half circle forward it still comes out because of the shortcuts and redundants imputs on the game :slight_smile: and the same applies to the Violent Buffalo ultra since I follow all the corners but I still hit the back forward and what not.

Yup, I noticed but it was more difficult to perform since I need to time it better I recorded a jump fierce punch with T.Hawk and if I take too long, he smashes me on the head :slight_smile:

I noticed that since the joystick on the x-box is very small and kind of inaccurate, it is kind of hard to perform clean cut forward/back motions without hitting the corners but I practiced doing FADC forward and backwards and if I practice enough, I am pretty sure that I could only do the motions of the charge without going berserk on the imput arrows :slight_smile: I will get a stick on the future since I love the game and would like to master it.

That is some excellent advice :slight_smile: I will break it down into parts and be sure to not slide it all the way back but only back/forward I will hit the practice room and return to report :wink:

Thanks! You have helped a LOT



Yeah, you’ll just have to test out using a variety of anti-airs and timing. Some characters need to use a specific move to counter jump attacks depending on which attack comes out, and the spacing on it.

It’s not just that, the d-pad on the xbox controller is very floaty, and has like no feedback. It’s great that you want to try out an arcade stick. Be aware that getting used to playing on an arcade stick will take quite some time to be comfortable with it. Anywhere from a few weeks to several months, depending on how much practice you put into it. It feels quite rewarding though.


Hey you guys, I don’t know if this is the right place to post this but since it is the newbie thread and also the execution thread maybe it would be ok?

So, I am having problems doing a couple of things:

First: Charge characters specials into supers. Vison, Honda and Balrog (I land the combo holding back pre-jump and land the link which I think is *High punch, low medium, knee press, super") But I CANNOT connect the knee press with the super. Can you guys help me :frowning:

Second: Dan’s trial which is j.HP-S.HK-SUPER. I am not mashing but no matter how I try (I think :() The super always fails to connect.

Once again I am sorry if this is not the correct thread to post this.


You have to buffer the super motion. The special move input counts as the first “charge back, forward” motion of the super, then you just do another "back, forward + button) to do the super.

So for example, let’s say you’re Balrog, and you want to do the j.HK, cr.strong, dash punch combo. Basic 3-hit combo:

j.:hk: (charging back as soon as you start to jump)
:db: :mp:
:f: :lp: (dash punch)

Now, let’s try doing it, but we’ll cancel the dash punch into his super at the this time. it will sort of look like this:

j.:hk: (charging back as soon as you start to jump)
:db: :mp:
:f: :lp: (dash punch)
:f: :lp: (super crazy buffalo, or whatever the fuck you call it)

This is because part of the input for the dash punch counters towards doing his super. This principle works for all characters trying to do specials into supers.


Thanks, I will try it today and report back.

Regarding the J.HK-S.HPxxSUPER Dan’s combo, do I buffer the double quarter as I am jumping, when the high punch animation is active or do I wait until the last moment and do the QCF+:lp: ?

Once again, thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:


That’s actually an interesting question. I don’t believe Dan has a :qcf: :hk: move, so that might actually work. Obviously, this requires some good timing on your part, because you have to perform the :d: :df: motion in the air, and then once you land, do :f: :hk: in a smooth motion. After that, you simply do another :qcf: + button to do the super. In theory, this should work.

Personally, I just do the super motion really fast, but I know how to do super motions pretty accurately due to experience.

:hk: :qcf: :qcf: + button

My recommendation is that if you’re getting sloppy inputs, start off slow and work on accuracy. Once you’re able to do it accurately without having to mash or do weird inputs, then you can start to build speed.

Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.


Thanks a lot, nailed all the special to super combos of the charges. Thanks! Now, those shoto sc.HK to supers are a different story :slight_smile:


im having problems doing dps from the 2p side in games like umvc3,sf3,sf2.
anybody got some tips ?
thanks in advance !

  1. read the first post

  2. go practice


I’m horrible at these games but thanks for the post.


Been practicing FADC and I can’t quite get it consistently. Any tips that make it easier? In kens trials, I managed to FADC a few times by inputting 2xqcf and it seemed to dash cancel and buffer my ultra. I only did it a couple times, but it made me wonder. Is there a sort of “shortcut” or do I indeed have to dash then input my 2xqcf (or what ever move I want to do)?


The most consistent way is to dash then do the input, imo.

Just practice more. Break it down in parts like suggested in the first post.