SRK Newbie Saikyo Dojo Execution Guide (read me!)


Sorry. Haven’t read through the whole thread, but have a quick question - how do you do 360/720 command grabs for CLASSIC fighting games on an arcade stick? I am playing Darkstalkers Ressurection and I FAIL at doing Bishamon’s 360 command grab. If I try to look for a video/article, it talks about the simplified 360 motion in SF4 only.


The link to character-specific discussion thread is broken. Other than that, excellent advice! I’m glad you emphasized how important it is to follow the command list for a desired Special Move or combo accurately and deliberately, as opposed to “mashing”.


There’s no real trick to it other than practice. It helps to start your 360 motion from either left or right side, make a half circle motion, and end the motion in one of the ‘up’ positions. That way you spend the least amount of time in the ‘up’ position which will prevent you from accidentally jumping. This is done very quickly of course.

Also realize that many games have shortcuts for the 360 motions. I’m not sure if it applies to Bishamon in Dark Stalkers, but at least in Capcom games, there are 2 shortcuts to keep in mind 1) You don’t need to do a full 360 motion, technically you only need to do 3/4 of a circle to count as an input. 2) You don’t need to hit the diagonals for a 360. You can do forward, down, back, to up, and it’ll count it as a 360 motion.


Is their a tutorial for how to play SSF4 AE on pad???


There’s no major difference between playing on pad or arcade stick on modern consoles. The same tutorial for SF4 that you’ll find on these forums and on youtube will work the same regardless of controller preference.


I know this is a really odd question to ask, but any tips for getting out of the habit of tiger kneeing? I almost always end every hadouken motion in one of the upper corners and normally the games have let me get away with it. I’d prefer to just do normal hadouken motions, since a few characters I use tend to get their combos effed up by me accidentally doing a tiger knee motion instead of just a hadouken motion.


I assume you’re talking about the original tiger knee motion.

Anyways, the cure for this is to lessen your hand movements. You’re over-extending the motion and trying to subconsciously hit a corner in order to feel like you completed the correct motion. This is a common and bad habit that many people have, and the key is to simply lessen the force you use to do hadoken motions.

Head into training mode and turn on input display and just try practicing clean hadoken motions. Down, down-forward, forward. Do it nice and slow, and you’ll be amazed at how little motions you need to make in order to do this. You just barely flick your fingers and you can get it down without having to involve much of your wrist action like you would to do tiger knee motions.


How do pad players manage 1 frame links?


They either learn to properly time their combos, or they plink by shifting their hand position, or re-configuring their buttons so they can plink using only their thumb. Pretty difficult to perform consistently versus an arcade stick.


I’m hoping that this is a good place for this question. The link here to the Character Specific threads isn’t functional, and I can’t seem to find it myself.

Anyway, I can’t seem to successfully complete Juri’s trial 16 on SSFIV: AE. I understand that I need only do the first kick in the Shikusen, but is there a specific one I should be doing (LP, MP, or HP Shikusen)? I just learned of buffering yesterday; is there a specific way to buffer any of the commands here?

Coming from a fighting background of Soul Calibur and BlazBlue, some of the differences in SF are very alien to me.


I would like to say Fuck Linking moves, and Fuck Dante’s bold cancel. I feel linking is so strict, the “middle” ground that you are supposed to press the button is strict as hell.


Plinking is fairly easy on pad I think. I prefer to plink with shoulder buttons, but rolling your thumb on the face buttons is also possible. In reality though, once you learn a 1f link combo, you don’t need to plink to get it consistently, because you know the timing. Plinking will increase your accuracy somewhat if you’re off, but I’d guess most top players can hit their character’s combos 99% whether they plink or not.


A great and in depth view on the fighting game system.
I was a newbie about a year ago.I remember started playing SSFIV and thinking wtf I can’t even win a single match, f**k this game! you know there are no real tutorials included in the was lying around for 6 months until I picked it up again.
that was after watching the VesperArcade SSFIV videos(the best tutorial available) and with the help of sites like SRK I have improved my understanding about fighting games(still improving on the skill :D).I really feel that there should be video tutorials for each game as it helps a lot.I wouldn’t be playing SSFIV AE 2012 now if there wasn’t Vesper.Now I’m trying to apply those tactics,and all those things which are mentioned in this topic above in games like Marvel and KOF,and it helps a lot…though I’m yet to understand the other games fully(SF I do completely).I wish someone makes an in depth video guide for others as well.
I am from a region where there is no fighting community and if I have to play online I have to wait to play after midnight to get a faster connection.I really feel that those are very lucky who have local players as well as have tournaments cause that is how you really learn,playing side by side.I try to get my friends together and teach them how to play this game…it is long process to form a community but it will happen with guides like these I’m sure.


I’m starting to feel kind of lost with training mode, what exactly are good ways of training? already read the original post and I do most of the stuff stated (repeating combos and so on). I can pull off combos nicely in training mode but when it comes to online…disaster after disaster, eventually I’ll find myself doing the same simple ass combo that does absolutely nothing ( > x3) and sweeping whenever I get the chance. I don’t really want to go online anymore until I feel more confident with my skills (went on a 60 game losing streak, ouch).
I suppose I could use the recording option in training, but for what exactly? The only thing I’ve used it for is countering anti air by making the cpu jump a lot, but besides that I can’t really find anything else.


Playing against a normal-hard level CPU is great for recognizing situations and maximizing punishes. For example, getting max damage if they whiff a uppercut.

You should be practicing optimal combos in training mode.


Hi, I’m new to arcade stick and I recently bought a hrap v3 Kai. I’m having trouble with puting in movement commands. So I was wondering do people normally set the stick on d pad mode or the L3 mode ? Does it make a diffrence ?? Thanks


Dpad is the only one you want to use. The other ones have input lag.




Hello there!

I received my HORI RAP VX SA KAI on Saturday, I LOVE it so far, but I had a question about inputs… Not sure if this is the right place but it seems like this works?

I was just curious about the shoryuken/dragon punch input with a stick… I can do them perfectly (near perfect) but after going into training mode and really looking at the inputs I was doing, I noticed I was doing them with forward, downforward, and then forward again. I always believed the shoryuken input to be forward, down, downforward.

What exactly is happening here? I don’t want to make any bad habits and I especially don’t want to be doing the wrong inputs! But it seems to work? So I’m just very confused.

Ty in advanced! And sorry if this is an inappropriate place to ask this!


The game has about a million shortcuts to do a dragon punch move. One of them is ‘down-forward, down-forward + punch’ will do it as well, which is how people are easily able to mash uppercuts to disrupt attack strings.

It’s a good habit for you to learn it the proper way. Forward, down, down-forward. Nice, clean Z-motions. Not only will this help you in your accuracy, but it’ll also work in a variety of games that also have the uppercut motions, many of which don’t have the shortcuts or wider input windows that SF4 has.