SRK Newbie Saikyo Dojo Execution Guide (read me!)


Oh wow, down-forward down-forward will do it too huh? I definitely don’t wanna get into the habit of that… It’s gonna be hard to re-learn how I’m doing them, since they seem very comfortable as I do them now and I can do them 99% of the time, but I really don’t wanna be doing them the wrong way. Thanks for the response!


Srk motion shorcuts still need 3 inputs. DF DF is a myth. People think DF DF but realize D DF DF, or DF D F, or DF D DF, … and they keep saying it’s done DF DF.
Anyway as its quite impossible to input a clean DF DF usually the move come out only because of these unwanted extra inputs between DF and DF.


People just use DF-DF because it’s easier to read. Either way, it’s just semantics. The odds of someone actually getting clean DF motions without hitting down or forward first is extremely low.


So I’m quite new to fighting games. Started playing Skullgirls about a month ago, and got SSF4 about a week ago.

I’m having no trouble with Skullgirls. I can’t do advanced combos or block tricky resets, but I can do simple combos, block simple mixups, etc. I can play in a way that actually “makes sense” (not nonsense button mashing) and can win online matches.

I’ve been practicing Ryu in Training Mode for SSF4 and I just can’t believe how difficult it is to execute basic combos. I’ve managed to get Ryu’s c.lp xx hadoken down fairly consistently. I have successfully executed a grand total of TWO FADC Ultras (and a couple more FADC Supers by accident), but I’m not even close to getting this consistently (though I understand that this is a challenging combo for a beginner). I really can’t figure out how to link c.lp to I can do it sometimes, but not even close to being consistent.

How long did you guys spend in training before you were actually able to play the game? In Skullgirls I probably spent three hours learning a simple combo (with Cerebella) that does about 6k and works on every character. This was enough for me to play online and get used to fighting against humans. I had the tools to win a game if I punished my opponent three times. With Street Fighter I am completely overwhelmed with how complicated it is to learn the simplest BnB combos. Is this the normal beginner experience? It seems like there is a huge technical hurdle to overcome before someone can even start playing, which is quite demotivating.


Comboing in Ryu his sweep is a 1-frame link from cr.lp or st.lp or
Unless you know how to plink it’s pretty damn difficult for everyone, even seasoned players.

Unless you’ve played a SF game before and even then SSFIV is very heavy into links, you’ll be facing the hurdle that is called links as a beginner.
In SF you have to fight the system first before you get to enjoy the game… just play the game with the essential basics of Ryu and you’ll be fine. xx hadoken, anti air with dp. On knockdown meaties, throws and jumpins, rince and repeat.


How do you do mash moves like Gen’s cMP xx hands on pad? I’m trying to do plink LP+MP, HP, slide from LP to MP but it’s slow and I get EX hands a lot.


When upping your execution, is it better to focus on one game, or do two at a time. I have always struggled with links of street fighter.


YouTube pro players hands. There are a few and it is really interesting how they differ…

Try this. I’m working on Marvel links so bear with me…

This is for stick, but it will help you understand how to do them consistently.


Strangely I hadn’t played FGs in a few months due to Halo. I’ve been practicing in AE a lot (still LONG way to go), and then last night I jumped on 3SO and was doing some of the harder trials which had plagued me months and months ago.
What is the best way to learn parries in 3S?


Hi guys. I just got the game a week ago but im having trouble. I main akuma and whenever I do, c.lp then try to link I get instead. According to the imput display my plink is perfect (mp followed by mk+lk). I dont know what im doing wrong…


You’re hitting it too fast and the LK is taking priority and coming out.
You need to wait.

Try hitting the link without plinking first, then add plinking in once you get the timing.


Great guide, thanks for putting this together :slight_smile:


Do most people hit lk+lp with their thumb and index finger? I only use my fingers and not my thumb, it seems rather difficult to kara throw with hp/hk this way, should I be using my thumb?


For throws, I just use a single finger to press both buttons. Feels just faster and more accurate this way. But depending on the situation, I do use my thumb to press LK at times.


For Xbox 360 players, How do you perform a “Delta”/Triangle Input with a 360 pad? I know it sucks, but I can’t afford a Fight Stick because its too expensive and when I try to perform a delta input for moves like Bloody High Claw or Climax Beat for Vega and Dee Jay, I end up doing that horrible Backflip or Machine Gun Upper instead and get myself killed. This is really frustrating and often makes me lose a match and my rank points, but I really don’t want to use Sobat Festival and I don’t find Splendid Claw as useful.

How do you guys do it?


The way I do it is from holding downback, roll the analog stick along the gate to forward, then roll it back along to upback then press kkk/ppp.
If I want to walk forward/dash ultra I just either go from down back directly to forward/dash forward then once again roll the stick along the gate to upback.


I can’t do Cr. MK xx EX Fireball FADC Ultra 1 with Ryu.

I can do it semi-consistently from the left side, but on the right side either the FADC is too slow, or an EX DP comes out instead of Ultra.

Why does this happen so damn often?! I swear, EX DP is the bane of my existence. I would be content without an EX DP (considering I never use it outside of accidentally)

Anyone have tips on how I can get the Ultra to come out instead of the DP? I’ve been at this for days now and I’m going insane.


You’re dragging your stick along the edge of the gate when you do the ultra motion. This is bad juju. When you do that, you’re basically inputting several shortcuts for the uppercut instead of getting two clean QCF motions.

When you input the ultra, do 1 QCF, return to neutral, and do another QCF. Practice doing the ultra motion slowly in this fashion just raw before going on to doing it in cobos.


Hmm, I do seem to be gate riding in Ultra motion…


Should one continue to play Street Fighter if you can’t even combo, in my match analysis video, someone said that my jab links aren’t cutting it, I agree, but linking combos are HARD AS FUARK. I don’t know how everyone does them so easily.


I’m a pad player who’s been trying to get used to stick and I’ve been having a lot of difficulty with quarter circle motions because instead of :d::df::f:, they’d end up like :d::f:. What is the problem here and how do I fix it?

Also, I don’t understand how to do qcf DC qcf inputs in KOF because usually I’ll get qcf x2 super. What can I do to not get the super input?