SRK Newbie Saikyo Dojo Execution Guide (read me!)


How 2 link combos on a WWE 360 Brawlpad?


With skill, timing, and practice, like everything else in fighting games.


Its just all about realizing what combos are for a punish and which are safe to fish with. Linking things for me got alot easier when I learned plinking which I learned immediately I got a fightstick cuz it seemed important especially for high priority links and long combos. plinking isn’t for everyone/everything its just needed for as i said high priority links.


Hi, I have an execution problem. Iam still new to the game (I startet in february). And I find it really really hard to use FADC without starting to mash. It already is pain for me to do a Srk FADC Ultra 1 on Ryu and I have a success of maybe 40% in Trainingsmode.
'I always see on streams and videos that people even combine combos with FADC and create combochains that wouldn’t be able to do without. So I tried m y luck and tried to do the following with Evil Ryu. s.HPxxMK Axe, FADC, s.LP>s.MPxxLK Axe (because I saw that one pretty often)
I only get to the FADC and it comes out 70% of the time. Continuing the combo from that point is impossible at the moment. How can I work on it? I get raped online by stuff like this and I see it in so many replays that I want to be able to do it too.


Stop trying to learn the fancy combos if you can’t do the basics yet. Just work on basic SRK FADC Ultra1. That’s all you really need. Avoid picking E.Ryu and trying to do higher level combos if you can’t even do one of the basic steps correctly or accurately.

Training mode helps a lot. Be sure to practice on both P1 and P2 sides, and do your best to work on ACCURACY first before you work on speed. The speed will come, human hands are naturally pretty quick at moving, it’s accuracy you need to focus on, always. Try to do it as slow as you can until you can get it to come out accurately, and keep on doing it at that pace. Practice it until you’re able to do it 10 times in a row, on both sides of the screen, without failure.

It helps to learn that you don’t actually need to tape forward twice in order to dash after the focus. Wuuut? It’s true. After you do the DP motion, you hold the down-forward position while you press and HOLD the fadc command, then you simply just need to tap forward once in order to get the dash. This cuts down on the number of inputs you have to make, which allows you to make the motions a bit slower, which help with accuracy.

Forward, down, down-forward (hold it), MP, MP+MK (hold it), forward, QCF, QCF, 3P.


How to practice doing a 360 motion on a WWE Madcats Brawlpad for any FG (not just Street Fighter 4)?

Example: Street Fighter Alpha 3 ROM with R.Mika, I try to do her cmd throw called Paradise Hold, but it usually overlaps and I get Flying Peach most of the time instead.

The only game where I can do a 360 motion with relative ease is Skullgirls


How should your inputs look in USF4 if you plink? I ask because in training mode I practicing and sometimes I get s.HK and MK one after the other or I get two HK’s and a MK input even though I did them the same

Are they both plinks or is one an execution error? Thanks!


Here is what your button inputs should look like in Dudley’s cr.lp combo if you plink.



Look at this image, opponent is to the right.

I’m trying to do c.lp,, lk.tatsu. What I am getting is c.lp,, EX SRK.
What’s causing this? I’d just like to understand whether I’m buffering too early, or if it is because I am over-“steering” the motion.
I’ve been doing the same motions/buffers for years and years now, all of a sudden this shit happens, only to one side. DansGame


Look at my image, I’m inputting lp, then plinking the mp. The only times it doesn’t look like that (button, then button+plinked button) is if you select-/back-plink or if you use 3p/3k/doubleplink. If you get MK, HK or MK+HK, it’s not true plinks.


I’d guess negative edge. Hold down the buttons and see if the EX SRK comes out.


Thanks, just wanted to post back and say yep, that’s it. Very…irritating.
I guess allowing players to disable negative edge was the one good thing Injustice did.


can some1 tell me how to do double half circles on a square gate stick please :confused:


There’s no trick to it, besides making sure that you have a comfortable grip. Try to exaggerate the motion. Do it slowly and methodically, then gradually increase your speed after you get it down. It’s going to take practice to execute correctly.

  1. Read the first post in this thread.

  2. Go practice.

Also, welcome to SRK, but please don’t ask the same question in all of the stickies. This isn’t really a question about arcade stick hardware, no need to post it in the newbie stick thread too.


Hey yall. So I made a video to help answer rmutua’s question. I also included a question of my own for Trouble Brewing, or anyone else that can give me some guidance.

The first post says:

“Also, if you’re using a Japanese stick with a square gate, there is no need to follow the gate on circular motions. It’s best that you don’t.”

This is solid advice for doing QCFx2 type motions that don’t require a diagonal input. However, moves that do require the diagonal are really awkward with the square gate as demonstrated in the video I made. Does anyone have any advice on this? thanks


Thank you for the reply Top this video helped alot.

Also does any1 know how to do the dragon punch on a square gate stick. i watch that video that was posted like 4 years ago but the method he used does not seem to work anymore.


Just like you’d do it with any other kind of stick, I think. Just move it forward -> down forward -> down -> down forward -> forward -> hit a button.


I’m a noob though so don’t trust, though I’m pretty sure how to dp.

EDIT: I meant to edit the other post, but I misclicked, sorry. I don’t know how to delete posts.


You have two options for this. I think I remember the video you’re talking about where he slides it along the bottom plane from DF D DB D DF for dragon punch?

Anyway here’s what I’ve done.

Option 1


Option 2


Those aren’t the only ways, but those are the easiest.

F D F is going to be just like the input for QCFx2 from my video, just without the first D input.

DF D DF is a modified way of doing the ‘4 year old video’ method. Instead of going all the way to DB you just leave the stick in DF and slightly jump it back for a second then ram it into the DF corner again.

I can do a video for it later if that’s not clear.


When plinking can you use any lower priority button? Oh hell, can someone point me towards a good plinking tutorial? Thank you!