SRK Newbie Saikyo Dojo Execution Guide (read me!)


Youtube has a lot of them. Shouldn’t be hard to find in search.


For sure! I think Juicebox’s tutorial is a pretty exhaustive breakdown of how and why P-Linking works in Street Fighter 4, as well as how to perform it. Hope it helps:


I have been having a lot of issues. I’m am somewhat new to the fightstick. I just started play sf again after 5 years. I had this problem when I quit as well. How in hell do you do, qcf into qcbx2 cancels. Ex: one of jury’s missions is st.m>qcf.kick>qcbx2.kick. (Super cancel)


What part are you having trouble with? There’s no special trick to it, just QCF, then input the super while the special is coming.

But I’m also having a ton of trouble with QCB/ QCF x2 while facing left. I’ve turned on input display and I consistently miss the second down-left. I have a stick with a square gate. It’s much harder to deliberately do down-left than down-right for some reason.



I started to pay attention to my execution and play around with input shortcuts. SSF4 is the game. What I’m trying:, st.lp, xx HP DP

Whats bothering me is the st.lp, link and the DP cancel. I tried two different ways. Usually, when I just poke with and want to buffer the cancel, I use the DF, D, DF shortcut. Like 3MK,23HP. But recently I discovered when playing footsies it’s easier for me to buffer with 6,2MK,3HP.
Now I wondered if it’s advisable to practice the same with the hitconfirm combo above (like holding 6 during the st.lp and with that starting to buffer the DP motion).

Is there any consensus on what to prefer? Anything considered “clean” or smth? Or is just a preference thing and in the end depends on the situation and what you feel more comfortable with?


so i just got a stick yesterday and I’ve been relearning stuff. not that i was a good pad player, just played with friends a few times and could the basic shooto specials somewhat ok

now I’ve been getting more serious and started training with ryu with input display to hone my ececution. one thing I’ve noticed is that the input display can show all sorts of wrong input, but the move still comes out.
I guess I can understand the game ignoring the extra inputs in there, but sometimes inputs that should be there are missing. common one for me seems to be doing Metsu Hadoken with no df or bf on the last quarter circle


What you’re experiencing is the input leniency of SF4.
There’s a lot of shortcut commands in the game and when you just mash something the game assumes you wanted to do x move and it comes out.

You should read up on shortcut commands for SF4 because they can either help you a lot or fuck you up really hard, so it’s important to be aware of them.


thanks! I’ll look into input leniency/shortcut commands

edit: that’s nice! Loving how much new stuff I’ve been learning in just a couple of days in training and from online resources


So… Right now i don’t have time to read the entire thread (i’m a lazy person) and or search thread about this in the Balrog Sub-Forum (probably a better place to ask, but it’s about general execution, so i’ll put it in here for now), if you feel it should go in the Balrog sub i’ll repost it there.

So… Charge Characters. I’ll decided to finally learn a charge character because i’m kinda growing tired of Rose. My main problem is something like this: I can’t for the life of mine, do a damn headbutt wit Balrog. I can do EVERY other character DB>Up+P/K move, but i can’t do it with Balrog. The inputs are correct, there are no input errors like DB > BU o DB > FU. DB>Up+Punch. But it comes out only 2/10 times. The only good thing is that when it comes, i manage to always pull the UC1 after it on reaction. Even trying canceling a normal into the Headbutt doesn’t help.

Does the headbutt have a different charge time or i’m just bad as crap?


AFAIK, headbutt has no longer charge time, no. You’re sure you’ve put your inputs on to see you’re actually ending in up-back before pressing a punch? Of course if the window is too large before you input punch you’ll just end up jumping back. Also, keep in mind you need to charge headbutts downwards (or downback, as long as the downwards charge is there), charging them by holding back will not work.


How do you guys do dp’s from a crouching position? Say I do cr. mp to do, do you let go of the stick then press forward? Or straight to forward? Often times I get super if I don’t go neutral. It’s even harder trying to cancel from a light attack.


Dp’s coming out by accident in sf5. Someone help.


Use dp shortcuts: dwfwrd dwn dwnfwrd + punch


Use dp shortcuts: dwfwrd dwn dwnfwrd + punch


You could walk forward, press down (+ punch/kick, cMP in your example) and lastly press down-forward and punch to cancel your normal into an uppercut.
So basically:

Use the uppercut shortcut
(this also applies to Tatsumaki inputs)


Anyone have tips for pulling off Zangiefs CA on a hitbox? I’ve had zero success with a double slide, but my 360 is about 95%

Also, does anyone have tips for pulling off an IAT Gale with Dhalsim on hitbox, or even just IA Gale? When I IAT with Sim I’m holding forward or back, and tap down then jump and PPP/KKK. My success rate with this is fairly high right now, and I typically can land the j.HP, but occasionally, and I think this is when I leave my fingers pressed on down and jump and remove them a bit slower sometimes I end up with a Gale, but I haven’t been able to consistently land it, and sometimes it’s accidental.


@“The Crow”

If standing:

Dwn-fwd + mp
Roll to dwn or dwn-bck
Roll to dwn-fwd + p/k

If crouching:

Roll to dwn-fwd + mp
Roll to dwn or dwn-bck
Roll to fwd-dwn + p/k

Or better:

Any dwn position + mp~fwd~dwn~dwn-fwd + p/k.


Hello good people,

Im having issues in SF V cancelling into EX FBA , I can do it into CT no problem standing Target combo into EX FBA/CA aswell but this one I just mess up 9/10 times and its really important.

Any advices? Using a square gate stick if it helps.



This helped me a lot. Very useful stuff. I will tell my friends about this.