SRK nurses?


Was wondering if there are any RN’s on the board?

I’m a future student… doing the prereq’s and the work experience (might have found a job once a week as a care attendant) and volunteering in the hospitals right now. The programs are quite competitive in Vancouver. But I was wondering if you could talk about your experiences as a nurse. (especially if you are critical care because I’m looking to get into perfusion)


Not a registered nurse yet, since I’m only in my second year (of four). I’m not exactly sure what type of field I’m going to work in. I have lots of interests. Over here in The Netherlands there’s basically two big fields you can do: physical care (hospitals) and psychiatric care (mental institutions). I happen to like both and hope to be able to combine those two. There’s many more fields ofcourse, like mentally handicapped, youth care and geriatrics.

At the moment I got a parttime job as an care-assistant. I basically aid the elderly with the daily activities (or do them for them if they aren’t able to), like washing, showering, getting dressed, preparing meals. Next to that I also have to observe skin condition, their mood and other needs. It’s also important to just have a good talk with the elderly. Most of them are very lonely. It breaks my hard to hear some of their children just stopped visiting.

Over here we have this thing called home-care and you basically help the people at home. They vary from people that are recovering from a hospital visit to the elderly. I’m not sure if there an equivalent in the USA?

My plans are to become a nurse practicioner. So after my four years studying for ‘regular’ nurse, I have to work another two years and then I’d be qualified to follow the course to nurse practicioner. Here in The Netherlands, it’s pretty new. I’m sure this job originated in the States.

I’m not sure what you mean by perfusion. You want to work with heart patients? Or blood transfers? Or something like riding the ambulance? I’d like to know why you’re interested working there.

Good luck on your studies. It’s a great job. I’m hitting the books as I type, haha.


My father use to be an RN and my mom is an RN now doing more administration type work. The field has a lot of flexibility in terms of where you can go to work and had decent pay. I’ve played around with the idea of going back to school for nursing if my current work does not pan out.


There’s one I know of for sure on here. I’ll PM him to hit you up.


I’m also a RN student (LPN at the moment) but I’ve known a few RN’s (mostly A.S. degree ones). In general the higher the degree of nursing the further away you get from the bedside, but also the better opportunity and of course better pay.

My field of choice would be surgery, hopefully I can get that with an AS lol

I don’t know what you mean by perfusion.


I know quite a few people who aspire to become a nurse anesthesist(sp?), but its very difficult; it’s the crown jewel of being a nurse.


I am RN and currently work on an Oncology floor (cancer). What experiences specifically are you asking about?

It’s where the money is, but you need some experience as a CC nurse and have to go to more schooling on top of the AS degree and BS degree. Might as well be a doctor, imo.


I always hear that radiology nursing is the best paying field. But never really checked.

A friend of mine worked on a oncology floor once. She met a lot of young patients, about her age. Because of that she had a hard time working there. How do you deal with emotions like that, platinum?


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I heard good things about the radiology field by a nurse working on an oncology clinic, never explored it myself. But I don’t see it topping anethesist. They make 100k+

The nurse Anethesist I’ve talked to said currently it’s a Masters Degree but they’re thinking about making it a DON. So yea…


i’m sure you’ll find lots of nurses in this thread:



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Essentially here in Vancouver the programs are offered everywhere (for RN) but it’s an ultra competative program to get into. For example, the school i’m aiming for (BCIT) recieved 300 applicants for 90 class seats. And half the people that apply have degree’s. They are asking for a minimum of 30 credits, (but the average is 60) and by the end of this year i’ll have 39ish credits max. I’m not sure if they account age, sex, grades, volunteer etc… but I’m just going back to school right now doing my prereq’s and trying to get as much volunteer work as possible.

I’m trying to find out what would excel me past a typical candidate, because I’m trying to get into a program by September 2012.


My ex is a RN (Bachelor’s). She’s in the cosmetics field, not caring or whatever.


It’s pretty depresssing. Regular Med/Surg floors have patients who MAY be sick <ex. sniffles, abdominal pain, chest pain, etc) which end up to be either indigestion or dehydration. For the most part, they stay there for at most, 1 or 2 days. Oncology is where most of the patients you will expect to die or are actively dying. Even moreso, these people go through chemotherapy which is crazy bad for the body, but is the necessary evil. And, these patients stay here for quite a long time from two weeks to even 2 months because of how their body reacts to chemo. The fact that you get to know these people and develop a good relationship/friendship makes it even worse when they pass.

As far as the pay, starting is an average of 45-50k in Florida, but I was told that in Cali and the New England area start off between 70-100k.

In the end though, you get a whole lot of appreciation from the patient and their families. tbh, I’ve been told numerous times that they trust me more than the doctor, mostly because I take the time to explain things when the doctors just jump in for 5 minutes to spit medical jargon at them.

The job is stressful. If you see anyone who gives a nurse a hard time, you be sure to punch them. I have to answer to almost everyone who isn’t a nurse (dietician, physical therapy, respiratory therapy, doctors. pharmacists, case managers) and I get help from no one other than my nurse co-workers.


Here in the NL, there’s so little interest for hospital/nursing work there’s a shortage of nurses (and health-care staff in general). As a result, even the nurses don’t have enough time to spend with their patients. Basically they only get to do the essentials; feeding, washing, changing sheets, etc. Usually having a talk is a luxury. Very sad.

Good that you take the time. Anybody would feel helpless or frustrated if they were told things that are hard to understand.


It really is a calling (/cliche).


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But if you care about people then you should work for the health care system.