SRK Official Street Fighter Comic storyline, spoiler, & speculation thread! v 2.0

Issue 4 comes out tomorrow. Are you as eager to read it as I am?

I just wanna get that cover of Sagat towering over Ryu :eek: that shit looks hot, but I will get them all.

Yup(But not tomorrow), i just want Sagat to get his pride back. Thats all…

Yeah, New Comics in the U.S.A. will ship Friday because of the Holiday.

Apparently, some people got issue #4 early. I’ll be picking mine up in about 90 mins.

BTW, Welcome back, SRK!

As usual, here we go!

Nash got the Shadowloo symbol on his back! Maximum ownage!

I loved the fight with Chun-Li and Nash. Wordless Panels own! Chris Claremont, Jeph Loeb and Scott Lobdel, are you guys listening or do you still intend to kill us with endless Caption Boxes that seriously mess up the Action?

Rose’s Word Balloons appear just like Vega’s(Dictator!) Heh! Heh!

Unlike the Sakura Ganbaru Manga where Sakura gives Killer Bee the name Cammy, looks like Rose is gonna give her the name this time.

YES! The Comic helps confirm what us fans have been arguing for ages. That Guile’s married to Eliza’s sister and come SF3 when Ken and Eliza get married, Guile will become Ken’s Brother In-Law! PREACH ON, UDON!

Ha! Ha! You can bet Eliza’s pregnant! Ken, better start singing, “I don’t wanna be a playa no more!”

Nash rescuing Guile reminded me of that flashback in SF2V where Nash… rescues Guile!

Dan’s a riot! Still don’t know how Sakura will get the White Headband so we’ll be waiting on that.

SAGAT: Knock! Knock!
KEN: Who’s there?
SAGAT: Sagat.
KEN: Sagat? Sagat, RYUUUU!!!

Yes! Next issue they fight! I wonder if their Eternal Rivalry will be settled this early or if someone will interfere! Chances are they will be interupted…

I was kind of hoping to see some SF Fan Art this Issue, but looks like it’s gonna be on the Website only. Still hope my piece goes up on the Site that I sent in a while back. Good luck to all competing!

no one can stop Bisonmanina.

bisonmanina is going to run wild on charlie, chun-li and gulie.

in other words it doesn’t look good for charlie, chun-li and gulie.

click here to see bisonmanina

snort I pctured Bison in Hogan’s togs and doing the hearing thing :lol: