SRK OG Catch up Thread

So after seeing SFMC’s post I thought it might be cool to see what the old school SRK Fan Art Gallery crew have been up to that haven’t posted for a while. (I.e. Dreaded Fist, Rook, Kandoken, Chainwhore, Mr Twelve all the SF art challenge dudes where we used to draw a dude/dudette a week etc…)

So lets catch up guys, don’t be shy!

**Post the last couple of things you worked on artwise:

What you are up to, real life styles:**

Ok me first:

Super SF4 release party at Gamestation:

Pavement Art outside

Psycho Powered Microwave I pimped for a giveaway. The Bison is based of the SSF2 TR portrait artwork:

Murals for the Academy of Combat:

Fliers for my new band:

Married, just bought a house and have a beautiful 9 month old baby daughter. Working freelance after a stint as creative consultant for an advertising firm. Oh and Duckie is published in Funtme Comics! Got to go a local comic book fest and everything goodtimes.

On PS3 (Handle CptMunta) Loving Super SF4, maining Rose (Just won our regional tourney with her)

So how are you guys?

Great seeing your work here again, hopefully the other guys will show up :slight_smile:

Aww man it’s been such a long time since I’ve seen you post Cpt. Looks like you have mastered the pavement art. Dude those murals are cool as hell too. Must have taken a bit to finish each of them huh? Life must be good for you and your new family. Grats on everything!

I guess it’s my turn. Bleh, things are the same as always for me. All work work work. I think I have been off and on SRK for 9 years?? wow.

Still working for the same company for the past 5 years. Really no big news on my end except the gig I got with DC Comics. Got a 4 cover gig doing Batman. The first issue is out end of June or July(I can’t remember). Yeah, basically my life stories are on my blog which is in my sig I think. I don’t want to bore anyone with my stories anymore and basically my blog will update everything I do so…

who’s next!

Send me a friend invite on xbox to play some SF4! I don’t have it for ps3.

I wouldn’t call a Batman covers gig “no big news”! Good to see you guys are keeping busy. Congrats on the marriage, house, and THE BABY CptMunta! Not to mention Duckie, pavement art, and murals, man you’re staying busy!

Nothing to report on my end except art school and starcraft 2 which I just got into beta. Probably not gonna play ssfiv until it’s out for pc cus I have neither an xbox nor a ps3. I did a few freelance work over the years, but they’re only small projects. Trying not to get caught up too much in anything that will take away from school work since I don’t wanna jeopardize it just to earn a few extra bucks. Next year is gonna be my senior year and it’s gonna be crazy! It’s like training for 10 years and then going to a tourney. I’ll post new art later but they’re all school work pretty much.

I’m… down with bronchitis. Sigh. Also mad busy at work now. No time to draw.
And yeah, Batman covers are some pretty damn cool news Pete.
DFist: post your art stuff, I’m sure it’ll be cool. No nudes tho :slight_smile:
Cpt: how’s the kid doing? mine’s monopolizing all my time… but yet I wouldn’t have it any other way :slight_smile:

Yo good to see post from everyone again. I participated in the art challenges a while back. I’ve been spending my time animating and playing SSF4.

Edit: Moved to Philly and also heard Kandoken was doing a lot of coloring for comics.

Guess I’m an OG as well…

Been pretty much working on my own projects and doing commissions to help pay the bills while I attend grad school (for teaching). Want to push my webcomic more, but I’m stuck doing my current one which just isn’t conducive to the structure of webcomics. I’d really like to do mainstream comics, and I’ve gotten some offers, but I hate doing panels so much, just makes me sick to my stomach. Really sucks too, because I think it’d be fun to see a “digital painted” style in comics.

Anyway, good to hear everyone doing well. Congrats on the Batman covers SFMC. I hope you’re able to eventually do some interiors. I’d love to see your style on some panel work.