SRK Old school Draw off! (formerly "Step up to the plate Sweet")

Since you have decided to insult my drawing abilities, I formally challenege you to a drawoff. Full illo, Any medium, subject matter to be determined by the members of SRK. Once the subject matter has been chosen, we’ll have 2 weeks to produce the illustration. The members of SRK will decide the winner.

All I’ve seen from you is insults, sketches, and excuses. You want to talk down to fellow artists on here, then you need to earn it by posting more than scraps from your sketchbook. If you don’t want to participate, please do so asap, so this doesn’t drag any farther than it has to.

Personally I hope you do participate. Given your persona, I’d like to see the full brunt of your abilities. Win or lose, I think we’ll both gain quite a bit from this experience.

I look forward to your reply. Hopefully it won’t be laden with juvenile insults and cursing.


Fan Art: Your Competitive Edge, muthafucka.

:clap: Something new!

2 weeks, though? That’s a looong time for sketches I’d hafta say. Surely you both are upstanding artists enough to raise the stakes to maybeee,…

Once a week? How’s that sound? Unless you plan on doing landscapes and whatnot.

And leave the critiquing to the people, cuz it’s only fair that the people decide.

Nah, one full illustration, no sketches. Backgrounds, perspective, the whole 9 yards. Sweet’s done enough sketches, I want to see an entire picture from him.

The critiquing and voting will definitely be done by the people here at SRK.

ONE!?!? Holy shit! When I saw “drawoff” I thought it was a back-and forth sorta thing, wow, you mean business.

2 weeks it is! Bring the Pain, man.

to be honest with you hanz youre not worthy of me being remotely interested in your silly draw off. Dont be mad I would definatly do it i thought you were a worthy a opponent. Your an average draftsman with below average painting skills why would i degrade myself by going down to your level? If i could actually learn something from you i’d do it but you have absolutely nothing to offer. your a funny kid with a some ambition, some day if you work hard you’ll be somebody…and all your dreams will come true.

Ah, come on man! Just give him what he wants. You called his work SOUTH PARK for cryin out loud… that’s pretty low.

Plus, I wanna see some niggas throw down.

(I’m such an instigator)

Don’t waste your breath Kan. Sweet is a lot of talk and little else. Not only does he lack humility, he lacks honor as well. He backs down from my challenge because I’m not worthy? :lol: He must think he’s a pro or something. We’re both no-name artists on a message board.

I knew he’d come up with some lame excuse to back down from my challenge. He’s done it before, and if he gets challenged again, he’ll do it again.

Anyway, this thread just proves that Sweet is just a silly little internet persona who can’t back up anything he says. If you insult someone’s work, at least have the balls to produce something better than them, or STFU.

Can’t say i’m not dissapointed man. I was looking forward to seeing this. Speaking of comp we should do a contest soon to bring some life back into the forum!

Yeah, too bad Sweet’s a p*ssy. :lol:

But yeah, a forum-wide contest would be awesome.

I’d be keen, just to help get my drawing skills up.
Though I think alot the people in these forums would kick my Munta ass at a drawing competion It would have to be sketches only since my lame computer is locked up and full of crap that I can’t CG color :frowning:

I forum wide one is a better idea. Especially since I’m not into Vendetta contests

But no CG would bring everyone back to the basics I reckon.

He also challenged me a long time ago. He never drew anything so don’t expect anything. After he decided to back out I never finished it also.

So all in all don’t waste anymore of your breath. Just take it easy guys.

Its all good SFMC. I just don’t like blowhards who are all talk and no action.

I’m not mad though. I’m disappointed. I was really looking forward to the competition process. :sad:

Cpt Munta- A back to basics draw off with no CG? Count me in. :slight_smile:

I’m up for a draw-off aswell. No CG sounds interesting.

SRK Old school Draw off!

Okay then, Now all we need is a time limit a theme and a prize. (Or is the Prize Self esteem? :wink: )

How about Street Fighter 1 for the theme?
You can choose any character from the Street Fighter 1 universe this includes Birdie Gen etc… But Have to draw them as they were back then. As if Street Fighter 2 onwards never existed. So that means birdie’s white, Pre scared Sagat. Ryu with those god awful slippers etc…

Black and White with no CG:
A scanned Black and white sketch. Inking is allowed but NO computer touch up. So unplug your Wacoms people. Besides. Most of the tool we use werent invented when street fighter 1 came out anyways :wink:

Prize: The winner will be decided by vote (I don’t really know how the polls work people I’ll need some help) And the prize is the winner can request a picture drawn by anyone else who entered the contest. (Sorry only thing i could come up with) Of course you can’t vote for yourself.

Time limit:
You have till Friday the 5th of August to post your picture. Maybe Everyone PM me with links to there artwork or something and I’ll make a thread on Saturday or Sunday. So people can start voting Monday. And after a week. The winner will be annonuced! Hooray!

So HANZO. Wadda ya think? I thought I’d run this by you since this is your thread and all. Maybe you’d wanna organize it? I don’t mind ethier way.

So Fellas you keen?

lets have it due in an hour…

…took about 2 hours.

since Sweet’s not biting, I figured to take this thread along CptMunta’s suggestion. Thread renamed.

Hanzou - if you want this thread back (not sure why though) I can always start another one, just let me know.

SF1 theme sounds cool. here’s a link to some reference art:

Oooh, sounds fun. I think I can fit something in by the Fri, never been so fucking busy in my life.

SFone had some ugly ass characters now that I think about it…

Nah Rook its all yours. Rock on. :wink:

This contest sounds cool!.. Maybe you could redesign the SF1 characters, hahaha, like Mike, Joe, Geki, Lee, Retsu, I don’t know… :slight_smile: That’s just a suggestion. =) Good luck for you all.