SRK on Reaction: Training

I think I’m gonna main Akuma now after flirting around with the rest of the cast in Super. I notice I let way too many (at least way to many for me) jump ins go unpunished. So I’m working on my SRK and cr. FP reaction speed. Here’s what I’m doing:

  1. Learning to block fireballs on reaction: Usually when I see a fireball I hold back until I block it. I’m trying to train myself to instantly block it. Instead of someone throwing a FB from sweep range and I hold block as soon as I hear the FB, I hear the FB and hit back just in time to block it. This way, my thumb/stick stays in neutral just in case I need a quick SRK motion. I can do it from holding down-back, but I eat overheads way too often.

  2. SRK jump ins/ cr FP crossups: Instinctively, my body tells me to hit back when I see a jump in or hit forward for a crossup, causing me to block. If I’m baiting a jump in or expecting a jump in that comes, I SRK it, but in the middle of footsies, I just hit back. I’m trying to train my muscles to instead hit the motion for SRK or d + FP when I see the appropriate jump in. I plan to apply this to Blanka Ball and headbutt as well. I’m pretty good at punishing Adon’s Jaguar Tooth dive kick.

  3. Know my ranges: This is what I seem to have the most trouble with. Recently, I’d see a jump in and hit the SRK motion, only for my opponent to not stick a kick out and have me whiff the SRK. Another instance, I’ll try an SRK only to get beat by Ryu’s jumping FK because I went too far forward with the fierce SRK. So after 1 and 2 are cool with me, I’ll work on this.

What do y’all think about this regimen? Do y’all recommend anything else? Anything y’all can add?

HDR Training Mode
Classic, Speed 4
Select CPU Cammy training dummy
Hold crouch block in the corner
Try to DP her when she eventually jumps

First day of training in 2 words.

Fucking. Brutal.

I did about 30 minutes of HDR. I had to be quick to get SRKs off. For the first 15 minutes I was either blocking or eating jump ins. The last 15 I was either trading, hitting SRKs, or blocking. I popped in Super and noticed a difference almost instantly. Thanks for the reply, ilitirit. I figure after some intense training for a bout a week or 2 I’ll be beasting jump ins. After that, footsies.

Man i gotta buy hd remix, i too have the same problem.