SRK Online Tournament: Round 6! (with vids!) Congrats ZOO


32-man bracket

3 Ulyre
4 Yeb
5 Tam
5 Shade
7 Keits
9 Forte
13 Troph (Forfeited)
13 Sep
13 Nasir
17 ANA

Congrats to ZOO for taking first place going undefeated!
Grats to Otaku and Yeb For placing top 4 in their first tourney!
Grats to Ulyre for holding shit down as usual!

Videos from the Tournament:
atreusna VS Fat Otaku (Match 1)
atreusna VS Fat Otaku (Match 2)
atreusna VS Fat Otaku (Match 3)
atreusna VS Gadra (Match 1)
atreusna VS Gadra (Match 2)
atreusna VS Gadra (Match 3)
atreusna VS Gadra (Match 4)
Fat Otaku VS nasir (Match 1?)
Fat Otaku VS nasir (Match 2?)
Fat Otaku VS nasir (Match 3?)
nasir VS Margalis (Match ?)
Lavi VS Septimus Prime (Match 1?)
Lavi VS Septimus Prime (Match 2?)
Lavi VS Septimus Prime (Match 3?)
Lavi VS Septimus Prime (Match 4?)

The 6th Online unofficial SRK Brawl Tourney will be

Tuesday, April 15, 2008. Signups start at 5:00 PST, Tourney begins at 5:30pm PST (8:30) EST


We will be running the standard rule set for previous online tournaments. They will be summarized below.

Rules will be. DOUBLE ELIMINATION, Best 3/5 games per set. 4/7 for losers finals and grand finals.
ALL ITEMS ON, set to low frequency
2 stock, 3 minutes per match. Sudden Death counts.

First stage will be picked at random (provided by me or tournament assistant), Loser of each game may either
A.) Pick a stage and keep same character
B.) Pick a new character and battle on a new random stage (again provided by me or an assistant)



Extra rules (stock + timed matches) MUST BE UNLOCKED.

Must have independant and quick access to IRC in order to report results, get matchups, stage pickcs, etc. You will be given the tournament channel information there. (join channel #srkbrawl prior to registration time)

Only 1 entrant per Wii. Sorry for multiple people in the same location that want to join.

IRC channel is on efnet, brawl channel is #srkbrawl and a tourney channel will be created and announced in there. Check This Thread for info on connecting to the IRC channel.

We’ve had some pretty good tournaments and turn outs in the past and hope to continue the streak.

Remember we are looking for a good viable rule set for Evo. If there is an item/stage/tactic so broken it ruins the game, show up and use it. Lets see if they can prove their point and rise to the top.

Feel free to early register here, smack talk, etc etc.

Remember, theres no cash at stake, but two things more important. Firstly, pride, which supersedes cash prizes. Secondly, we are helping to shape Evo tournament rules. If you think a certain tactic is way too overpowered (i.e. D3 Chaingrab), show up and win with it. If you think a certain stage is too detracting from gameplay (i.e. Mario Bros), show up and save replays of it. Most of all, show up and play as “cheaply” as possible, win, and help create a better ruleset through proof.

Also, if you save replays, send them to me to be captured and hosted.

I’ll enter


I may be able to enter, but I am not sure right now. If I can confirm my entrance, or confirm that I am unable to make it, I will post here.

Gimme in again.


I’m in for this one. Are we doing Low-spawn for testing?

think he’s saying everything’s in.

I’ll play. but I have bad memory sometimes. so if I forget, you can just strike me from the list I guess

Let’s do it.

I’ll be there this time. VILLAINOUS DEBUT!

HAHAHAHA! LETS GO! LETS GO! LETS GO! Count me in :slight_smile:

i am off work tmorrow, so hells yeah i’ll show up.:woot:

tomorrow will be full of DAT BRAWL!(well, for me anyways)

I’ll still be at work when it starts, but good luck and have fun guys

Well, unfortunately for me, I will not be able to make it. :sad:

The reason for low spawn is just to change up the pace. We did med spawn last time, we’ve done low spawn once or twice, we’ve done no items at all. Just felt like switching it up to low spawn, all items. Next tourney I run will probably be an items restricted tourney, or possibly a high spawn tourney.

I’m in.

I can join also.

(maybe encode some more videos if I don’t get lazy again >_>)

I’ll try to show up on IRC a bit early and help out, if I can.

I’m in.

Are all stages allowed? IMO mario bros is retarded and i’m pretty sure most of srk hates it too.

Retarded? Maybe.

Extremely different, almost like playing a different game? Often.

Broken? Nope.

Get used to it.

Im in!