SRK Please! I need your help~!

Yo is this a girl? :confused:

KayleeJH video games, books, computers, gymnastics, so

She looks kinda nice. :cool:

Looks like a dude.

what? hopefully not with that man face.

also, no she looks kinda beast especially if you’re asking if she’s a she.

I was expecting another “vote on my shitty site” or "i need money because there’s squirrels in my yard but there’s so many now I can’t afford to keep feeding them.

That’s def a man, unless you see vag always assume when it comes to the internet.

Really now? You want us to double check your wack ass plenty of fish links? Fuck that shit.

definitely a man

every REAL woman’s interests are cooking, watching tv, cat videos on youtube, and shopping

Jersey Shore Cast: If you have to think about it… IT IS.

Can’t unsee. Oh god…

And “Hobbies: Going out”

It’s a…trap? :confused:

Whoa,watch your tone son this could be my wife/future mother of my kids.

Her and I seem to have alot in common…:cool:

#1 He isn’t good looking.

#2 You live in STL. Vag ought to be free, unless you are horribly scarred. Hit the suburbs; profit.

#3 Why, *oh why *on earth would you want a female to have the same interests as you?


Do you really want somebody always up in your grill, getting in your way, messing with your shit?

One of the true beauties of there being two sexes, is that when we aren’t banging, we’re free to do our own things.

As I see it.

yeah you both have a penis.

I think danonmighty is trying to see if he can pass as a chick.

it used to be a man now its a girl

1.i dunno i like the shoulder pic w/rose ALOT.
2.whatpart of the burbs? I can teach her how to play street fighter4.

the only penis shes gonna have is mine.

That ain’t me dude.
I prolly could,since I do have a pretty cute baby-face.

IDK, those pictures look like pictures of a tranny… If you do go and meet this person, check to see if she has an adam’s apple, that should give you a good sign if she is actually a she and not a he. Oh and meet up at a high traffic area, but stay away from bars and clubs as you might wake up the next day with a sore butthole.

You’ll get a better answer in #capcom. They are experts in trap detection.

I’m too terrified by the picture to even begin to determine wtf that is.

You can tie both your penises in a knot and try to get a hard on.