SRK Poker thread


I don’t know if theres already a poker thread, but all you poker heads post up, where do you guys play at or talk about wsop


There was one, but it hasn’t been posted in for years.

I used to play a lot circa 2004-2007, but I quit. Variance was driving me insane.


Though technically I’m not of legal age to really play Poker (21 being said age…meh), I watch WSOP whenever the fancy hits me, though I haven’t really watched as much in the last couple of years because the Main Event is too damn big…


I just recently started playing poker, just house games and a couple casinos here and there, and i like to watch wsop in espn, im thinking about hitting some tables at the rio at evo


going about this the wrong way. you will lose a lot of money learning the right way, so instead i’ll help you out. tv poker =/= real poker.

read “theory of poker” by david sklansky. if you think poker is for you after reading that, message me on here and i’ll give you some further help, if you are serious.


I’ll check it out thanks =]


High five for quitting due to variance. I spit on it.

I made 2000$ when I started, I put 50$ and grinded the micros until I found NL100 a bit challenging. And at that time I didn’t want to lose more so I quit meh.



We need a new thread fuck that old one, this is the new shit.

Walked into my home game last night with $12 and a few quarters, quarter ante, no blinds, $3 max bet. Got up to $65~ bought a joint and some food. Kept playing solid, last hand of the night, we end up playing PLO. Was pretty happy. I flop top two pair, bet, get called by one, turn bet, get called. River comes, fucking hearts connect for three on the board. I decided to jam some cash in then to really see if he had it, $10 bet. He calls. -$30 on the last hand of the night. D:

Oh well, still walked out with $26, over double what I brought, had a good time, learned from my mistakes with that particular player, smoked hella dank and laughed my ass off the whole night.

tl;dr Fuck yeah home games.


I was invited to a game for next Thursday with a $40 by two guys that I work with. I go to bars from time to time and play and do fairly well. IT will be cool to see how the game goes when I go to Vegas for Evo.


The link doesn’t work. Or is it just me?

Just got back from Hollywood Casino with my girl and a buddy. I was able to rob 90 bones off of just playing roullette. After a long ass drive home, my buddy and I had a talk on how I should learn how to play texas hold’em poker. The thing is, I know nothing about the game.

What would you guys recommend for somebody is just learning how to crawl in the poker world? Any advice is great, thx. :tup:

  1. Learn the rules of the game, ldo.
  2. Get familiar with starting hands and their power. Strong hands are usually QQ+, AK . Then you have 99-JJ, AQ, AJ, A10, etc.
  3. Learn how to calculate odds and outs, and implied odds. Good rule of thumb is with turn and river, multiply outs by 4 to get ur percentage of hitting ur out, and with just river to come multiply by 2. So to hit a flush with 9 diamonds remaining, odds are approx. 36 % after flop, and 18 % after turn. Also, odds of flopping a set (3 of a kind when you hold a pair) is about 1 in 8, and sets are very powerful and well disguised so you’re likely to get paid off. But don’t go putting in half ur stack with 4 4 preflop. Only if your implied odds are good, i.e. putting in 5-10% of your stack when you’re likely to get all the money in when you hit your set. No point putting in the money and folding 7 times out of 8, then when you hit everyone folds and you make nothing.
  4. For beginner’s, play a solid, tight game, Play in position with premium starting hands. You can open up your range as you get more comfortable with marginal situations.
  5. The best way to improve is to put in hours. You start to be able to read people’s souls, know what their bets mean.
  6. Put your opponent on a range of hands, know what they are likely to think you have, act accordingly.

That’s all I can think of for now. As you get more advanced, there’s a wealth of knowledge in the game. Even multiple page articles on how to play specific hands like AQ.


I really wish I would be 21 when I go to Evo this year, such an avid poker player is going to be tortured at the Rio not being able to play, oh well, there’s always money matches :3


Interesting, thx man. I just figured out how to play texas hold em on my own and i must say, it’s addicting as hell haha.

What would you guys recommend some of the top tier poker forums?

#15 is all you need.


[]Man, wrong time to get into hold em if you mean seriously. Online poker is the most practical way to learn the game cheaply and quickly because of the micro limits 1c/2c and the amount of H/Hr. online is basically dead or on life support in the u.s.
]You could play live but the only way you’d be able to really put your knowledge and learning to test is by playing a buyin game where your BBs are at least 100 or better and thats gonna be a minimum $300 buyin. It’ll take alot of hands, betting, and situations before you get the hang of it. and discipline patience and dealing with the swings will make it pretty expensive Live. The only thing going for you is the amount of info you can read up on, but experience is just as important as being savvy to the game so, if u got a lot of time and cash to burn, play live.
[] If u dont mind lottery poker and wanna do it for fun then go ahead and play tight poker at a small buy in table that only gives u like 20-25BBs, you might get lucky and bring home some cash. Aother thing going for you is that live players arent as well versed in strats as online opponents.
]Gotta wait till black friday is resolved if you truly wanna get into poker and u.s. online poker is back up , theres still sites available to play on but the DOJ is picking em off one by one and your money is not that safe. So if you dont mind the unstable conditions just dont put in too much money and learn but if you start building your bankroll remember that that shit is all at risk and can be frozen at any moment out of nowhere. no joke.
[*]2plus2 or are the srk version of poker read up on the faqs, surprised no one ever mentioned the death of PS or FT here. read up there’s a crap load of info on poker and how getting into other games helps u improve your game and gives you the opportunity to always be involved in some action. anyway im rambling.


Thx for the info man. I’d like to get into hold em seriously but not any time soon until I feel I get enough experience. I won’t be playing online for money but preferably offline at a casino. That’s what all my friends are doing and they recommend I should get into poker instead of blackjack since I’ll be playing with people instead of a dealer.

We go to a casino that’s $60 buy in I think, and it’s $1-2 raise or something. I thought I’d practice up and go give it a try considering the buy in and raise don’t seem affordable. I won’t go back to the casino for several months. Until then, I’m just gonna practice with friends and online for free.

P.S Wasn’t there a srk member that won a butt load by playing poker? He won the poker series or something? You guys know who I’m referring to?


Black Friday.


There’s been a couple of prominent ones, Hevad Khan and Nanonoko.


Playing with $60 at a 1-2 table would pretty much be all out gambling, so I doubt you’ll learn anything about poker. With a preflop raise to $10 (and you’ll likely get 3-4 callers), you only have enough left for one more bet or call so there’s absolutely no postflop play. Strategy: Play 1010+, Ak, AQs, and just get it all in preflop.

I played with my friends every week for a few years before I started playing at the casino. Let me warn you, you pretty much learn nothing playing $5 tournaments with your friends. Unless they’re all studying poker and trying to play for real monies, they’re going to be terribad and in turn you’ll stay terribad. It’s kinda like playing a fighting game. You and your friends do some jump in RH into sweep, think you’re hot then go to an arcade…

Reading some good publications like Harrington on hold 'em would be a good place to start. It’ll give you a lot of info and basic strategy, then get some buyin’s behind you (15-20 for conservative, 5-10 if you’re just looking to play and hopefully make some money and don’t mind losing it) Then sit at a table and play tight aggressive poker and maybe make some buy ins and gain experience.


co-sign. me and my friends used to play 10 dollar buy ins and then 1-2. fucking 6 chip raise would have everyone folding.