SRK POKEWAR Vol. 1 June 13th-?

This tourney is to be conducted starting June 13th and will be conducted in a one round a day (maybe 2 for first round) format. Rules are standard and as follows…

-Hacked pokemon are BANNED. This is an honor system but stats outside the norm are easy to detect and will result in a forfeit, loss of your participation prize and BAN from being my friend FOREVER…or not.

-Species clause (only one pokemon of any type)

-Sleep clause (you may only sleep one pokemon on an opponents team at a time. exceptions are when opponent has a pokemon asleep that was self induced (rest) and when the pokemon you are sleeping has natural cure which would remove sleep status on switch)

-Uber clause (for full list see smogon all listed ubers are BANNED)

  • Evasion moves are banned for the time being

-OHKO moves are banned (horn drill and the like)

-In case of disconnection a committee (myself and whomever among pinion/gain/white shadow/randomplayerX want to participate) will rule either rematch or outright win. If a player is in a particularly advantaged position and the disconnect seems fishy to the majority of the committee a forfeit will be assesed. The ruling is FINAL and anyone who raises to much of a stink over it will not receive their participation prize.

There will be no seeding for this first tournament however if matched against your brother or best friend or something we MAY float if ALL parties agree to it. Matchups will be determined at random and the drawing will be witnessed by numerous parties to ensure fairness.


All participants will recieve either a male evee with wish on it, a DD larvitar, jolly female gible or male outrage gible. The choice is up to the player. Additionally once the number of participants is final there will be a list of prizes for placing. These will be pretty nice and may include (I must speak with some players to nail it down) a wish chansey, untouched suicine and a baton passing zappy. Current idea is to allow first place to pick from a pool, and then so on down.

So if you want to toss your hat into the ring just sign up with your friend code. Entries will be accepted until about 2 hours before the bracket drawing which will be TUESDAY EVENING THE 12 OF JUNE.

White shadow - 0945 8723 3490

Sign me up, my FC is in my sig.

Also props to you Chaos for running this; good shit dude.

Those look like some pretty sweet prizes.

Name: Flex
FC: 4510 7199 0698

MistaJuJu - 0774 0932 5757

I’m in. My FC is in my sig.

will the matches be level 100 or will we be playing w/o the match up stuff? Cuz if it’s the set levels, I’ll join, otherwise, my Pokemon are still too weak.

Can’t believe I forgot that. All matches will be level 100 battles.

I’ll join then, what time does this thing start? I’m usually home from 6-10 pm Central Time…

I should be in though gimme a bit of work as right now Im in china so my times are a bit off
Ill be in if Im near a wifi place

either way hope this leads to more tourneys

EDIT: this gonna be double elim/single elim?
best of 3 rounds?
team changes?

For this first tourney it will be one game double elimination. Single round. Team changes are allowed between rounds, pokemon/hold items/order are not frozen in any way. If the tournament becomes to large (say bigger than 16ish people) then we will change the format to single elimination with 2 of 3 rounds format.

I’m in it to win it. FC in sig.

I’ll confirm my participation hopefully by Monday at the latest.

looks good ill post my info later

1547 1945 6710

I’m more used to JAA Double-Styles battles, but I think I can do it. :wonder:

Can I contribute to the prize pool?

How do Legit Legendaries sound?

Sure sounds good to me. More prizes is better to try and get the newer players to sign up.

I think I can throw in a Legit Mew, Ho-oh, Lugia, Celebi, and Deoxys.

Id be all over a legit deoxys (rather like the look of him)

Currently registered…

White Shadow

11 players in total and Gain has shown interest so I assume he is also in bringing the total to 12 at the moment. Pinion has expressed he cannot make it due to scheduling conflicts but has offered some excellent prizes for the next round if this tourney runs well and everyone is interested in making another go at it. Please encourage anyone you battle from SRK to play if at all possible.

heh almost forgot about this, I’m in (FC is in sig)