SRK PS3 Theme


Someone should get on this!

Ill supply any artwork or logos neeeded to make this happen.



One guy already did:


I wonder if I’d get banned for saying “old” in a thread by Mr. Wizard.


JK :stuck_out_tongue:

i have mine using this theme :slight_smile:


Well, I would also appreciate a PSP theme. I admit I am too lazy to learn making one myself (althrough I have the program to do so).




please someone upload this. I want it on my ps3.:confused::wonder:


reupload pls


Another 'reupload’er.


I would like to see this too.


At the very least, I’d like to see it.

So yeah - reupload.




hey thats a sweet theme thanxs for da upload


Thanks for the upload!


This looks pretty sweet. I’ve been sportin’ the MGS4 theme for a while and it’s starting to get stale. How do I put this on my ps3 btw? Sorry if it’s common knowledge.


there ya go :wgrin:


I’m pretty lenient in this forum, but please don’t spam useless posts like that.


cool beans, although someone should make another one


I think he’s talking about a PS3 Theme for the forum, not the ps3 itself.
I might be wrong too.


you would be wrong