SRK PW Rules and Info Thread


30 Players total:

**- 18-19 Regular Civs

  • 4 Special Civs
  • 7(+1) Mafia **

= HOW TO PLAY MAFIA = (Stolen from SWBeta)



{Turnabout Dilemma} - Before the game begins, mafia side also gets to choose one of the two options:

The option which the Mafia chooses will NOT be revealed to the civilians until the end of the game.

= Role Assignment via PM =

All PMs to players followed this format:


The order of all the night events, though often overlooked, is very important. This is the order of the events.

  • [ -= Mafia’s [NO KILL] =- ]

** [ -= Medic’s Protection =- ]

*** [ -= UC/dUC’s Investigation =- ]

**** [ -= Vigi’s Kill =- ]


**Confirmed Players: 30 (LOCKED IN)

  • Vynce
  • sikwidit
  • DaRabidDuckie
  • Oerba
  • highlulu
  • Hecatom
  • great cow lord
  • Icege
  • Exodus.
  • BullDancer
  • Bious
  • RadicalFuzz
  • The Co-Jones
  • SSRagna
  • crotchpuncha
  • NinetiesArcade
  • Doofenshmirtz
  • Immaculate
  • Missing Person
  • Cyntalan
  • KillaFox
  • Pimp Willy
  • pietastic
  • Saitsu
  • GodotsRevenge
  • SoVi3t
  • kaz
  • Combo_Knight
  • The Chief

And here I thought the marvel game was confusing. The fuck did I just read.


@sikwidit: Only 4 special civs, lol. I have place all the explanations and answers there. Are you in?

@Vynce: Got it.

Of course, this is phoenix wright. I should have said what I did not read. I am super scared of what the mafia specials roles are going to be.

All fuckin’ IN. I love Phoenix Wright!

All mafia members can execute the two special abilities, but they are double-edged swords. None of the special abilities in this game are without consequences.

Lets set the mood right.

Yay, with no finals in the way it means I can actually help! I’m in:)

List updated. :slight_smile:

count me in, last game was pretty damn fun.

Got it. :slight_smile:

Btw, do spend the time and read through the rules. There are a tons of meta game in this format here. If you guys have any questions, please do ask now. There’s no hidden roles. What you see is what you get.

Thats what got me initially, I thought that the mafia had their own special attributes like in the last game. It is only the mafia characters that are kept secret. For the story I presume.

Count me in :slight_smile:

^ That is correct.

Phoenix Fuckin’ Wright.

Goddamn right I’m in there!

free my jigga icege!!!

pick me pick me!

edit because I can for now: That red in the OP is hard as fuck to read

List updated. I also changed the color so it’s easier to read now.

Throw me in the game coach…