SRK Question


I have PSN and I see a whole lot of people with SRK in their name’s. Sorry if this is stupid but do you have to be a member for a long time to have it in your name or something or your free to put it in your PSN ? I heard you have to pay 10 dollars to have it in your PSN name. If this thread doesn’t belong here im sorry…I was just curious.


No, I don’t think you need to pay anything at all. It’s mostly to identify that you have an account or participate in the SRK forums.


It’s just to identify that you are part of the fighting game community. It generally implies that you are open to learning, exchanging information, potentially adding people as friends to practice, etc. Also if your username isn’t that unique across the internet it lets people know that you are indeed that user on SRK.

It’s not a secret club or anything, and there is no way that SRK could charge you for it since the online service owners control what is and isn’t allowed in a username. If there is a fee it would be a fee to change your account name on the online gaming service (PSN or XBL), but I don’t know the specifics of that (I’m pretty sure XBL does charge some kind of fee though)


Oh ok kool.Thanks guys