SRK RELAUNCH - Feedback/Question Thread




Yea I agree with all the posts, it would be cool if we can get the threads into pages again, scrolling through 1885 posts is time consuming and tedious. Thanks.


+1 for wanting pages back.


The infinite scrolling instead of pages thing isn’t too terrible to work around for me. Like say you have a thread with 1,000 posts, you can just type in post 50 and that’s essentially like page 1/2 of a thread. Pages tend to give you a feeling of more organization, but with the vanilla forums you could only load 5 pages at a time so if you wanted to get to like post 523 of a 1,000 post thread, it would take you way longer on Vanilla than on Discourse. On Discourse as long as you know the general range of posts that a post you were looking for was in, you can just type it in and get to the point.

With that said, pages are still better.

Some other things I’d like to see.

1. Boxed avatars. Circular avatars is too much like google and instagram and all of that social media crap.

2. Bigger avatars. Tiny ass avatars isn’t cutting it and again projects the image of new era social media minimalist layout. Especially since discourse allows gif avatars there’s no point if they’re so bitch tiny you can barely see what’s going on in the gif. The avatar sizes would be passable on mobile with boxed avatars, but on the computer it’s ridiculous.

3. Pages. Although some things about discourse allow you to technically search through threads faster than pages did, pages still bring a bit of organization and chapter to where things on. Just instinctively being on forums for so long, people tend to better remember certain events that happened based on the page they were on, rather than the exact post.

4. (Especiallly on mobile) Upscrolling through threads should allow you to see more posts. It’s really stupid that scrolling up only loads up 10 extra posts. For a forum that has infinite scrolling it kinda brings up the old 5 page only problem from Vanilla where you’ll just be scrolling all day to view stuff that you don’t already have loaded down below. This site doesn’t use up enough resource to only load 10 posts with an up scroll. On mobile it’s absolutely ridiculous. It’s more like you can infinitely scroll downwards, but don’t even bother scrolling upwards ATM.

5. Themed backgrounds. Other discourse sites have background images from different games and such that you can lay over the background of the forum. Much nicer to look at and gives the forum more personality than black or white space.

6. Signatures.

7. Reaction icons with text underneath. Nothing like having the old reaction icons with random shit underneath like “Marvelous or Sit Down”. Adds a lot more personality to the forum. Hearts for upvote with no text is way too much social media mirroring and the whole point of the forum is to get away from that.

Plugin called Retort that’s being used to pick out reactions for posts.

8. Character limit for posts is too short. I haven’t actually gotten to the character limit for posts, but from what I’m hearing others say it seems to be too short.


Bigger avatars and signatures are a must.


Square avatars or riot.
Round avatars crop too much of the original picture, and what’s worse, the cut is automatic. They also look like “modern social network” gutter trash.


Everything Devil mentioned + spoiler tags.

But pages and bigger afters would smooth the transition best.

Premium memberships would also be nice, especially if it meant I get pages.



The character limit for posts is 32000. I did a test in my character concept thread.


At least we know Zoolander will never post then. Thank god


9. Allow for multiple enter spaces inbetween lines/paragraphs. Right now you can’t space your paragraphs if you want to add some extra wording that is off thought/topic from what you were talking about. Everything has to be fitted together like a book.

such as this

can’t space any further down

Unless someone knows how to do it otherwise I imagine this is something that will have to be implemented and would be nice to have.


thats deffenetly something they should implement in. as for now it seems the only way to create space is via images. in this case down there i used a 1px completely transparent aka “invisible” png file to create space.
for each space you have to add another image. a workaround…





How it looks like without the image tags:



fixed the image links.


Square avatars don’t seem to be supported on discourse. If you know how to turn them on, I’m all ears.


Spoiler tags already work. This is a secret!

syntax is the usual
[ spoiler ] text [ / spoiler ]
minus the extra spaces.


This is a theming/CSS thing. You need someone to modify the site’s theme.


Bloatware and feature creep… no thanks.
I personally like this layout more. It’s much simpler and has all necessary functions for a forum.


I was looking at the gearbox forums that use discourse and they have square avatars. They were still tiny AF but at least square


yeah, the option itself is there like many others which you can see on the gearbox or other discourse forums.

with the lack of communication i wonder if they even still work to improve the board or not.
the guy who host/pays for the forum wasnt active here before and after at all from what i have seen.
didnt he wanted to implement a way so that people could help out with the money and stuff?


Turns out there’s a secondary Spoiler tag, Details:


Spoiler text here

[ details=“Details” ]Spoiler text here[ /details ]

That’s kinda cool.


Nice. This is basically the OG spoiler function. It works more like VBulletin where you can actually label what you’re going to spoiler within the spoiler. No having to put text above the spoiler to have it stand out.

Just gotta make the most of the cookie crumbs for now. Like to think that having the discourse staff active on the forums adds a little leeway.