SRK Salsero y Bachata Lounge

Anybody who enjoys Salsa Y Bachata, post here. Tell us how you began, what artist you listening 2, how the scence looks in your area, etc.

I being half salvadorn half puerto rican (salvaboricua), grew up listing 2 the likes of Frankie ruiz, tommy olivencia and many more. But it wasnt till in high school, that i got into SALSA. Every year the HS had a multiculture event, were all the cultures would present a scetch, song or dance. So latin community did salsa & when we blew ppl away. Since then i started going to clubs all over NC, taking my dates there and meet new ppl. lol i love taking my dates on the 1st & 2nd date to a latin club cause i knew that would break the ice better than dinner & a movie. It worked EVERY TIME like a charm :lovin:. IMO salsa/latin clubs are the best cause the atmosphere is better, ALL type of ethnicity is there, nobody cares if you cant dance just have fun.

Bachata is a Tropical dance power house from the Dominican Republic. Personally im better in Bachata then salsa. I like bachata a bit more cause its more like a dirty dancing type of routine. Although i love salsa, bachata rythms and beats just blow me away.

I saw this vid of a salsa routine that is just so appropriate for SRK in the Street Fighter sense!


Some vids of my FAV artist Frankie ruiz aka el papa de la salsa
[media=youtube]AfsECakhbEk[/media] (this one i ask the dj 2 play when i dance 4 first time with my wife, lyrics expressed me exactly)

This kid got skill!

What I inspire to! I get exhausted watching it evertime Perfect routine

One of my favorite Bachata preformers and instructors Zeke. Well cause i dance to his style.
[media=youtube]A57uEzOo8qg&feature=related[/media] (This one doin SALSA)

This vid explains a bit bout bachata. But my boy anthony girls, Jorjet, is hot and got a better footsie game than my main dude Dictator!

Support the salsa y bachata community!

Oh God. It should be a bannable offense to post that vid.


lol i know alot of ppl would find it funny. I did when i first saw but there aight anything like it on SRK @ the moment.

lol damn funny, they should include it in SSF4 lol jk jk.

^Get the fuck out of this thread.

Salsa is some smooth ass music

That vid was dope. Maybe b/c I’m Latino but I thought that was excellent!

Ryu and Chun’s salsa groove bar on Max.


I’ve been dancing for some time now. Still not performance-level, but I can hold my own. I’m from Puerto Rico, but I didn’t learn how to dance until I moved to Texas. My instructor is Thai. :slight_smile:

My favorite salsa group is El Gran Combo, followed by Hector Lavoe.

And I agree about the salsa environment. It’s all about having fun, and just enjoying the music and dancing. I love it.

:u: ahhh bachata the real dirty dancing…that is my joint gonna edit thread 2 the salsa y bachata lounge.

Couldn’t you change the title to “the Mexican thread” and be done with it?

Haha, I’ve seen more asians than mexicans at the Salsa club I’ve been to in San Jose.

Anyway, my friend brought me to a club a couple of times, she’s insanely good. I don’t have enough time right now to learn… but it’s something I wanna start doing. Any tips?

Nah salsa is Puerto Rican and Cuban in decent big guy.

why dont mexicans bathe or drive cars less than 15 years old?

No prob big guy. Most of the latin clubs love to promote dance workshops before the clubs starts poppin. So you can check your local salsa club and ask them if they have classes which about 90% of them do. Most of them are cheap/free and seriously worth it. I had a friend who i brought and he just had to learn salsa y bachata. 2-3 months later this fool was a pretty good dancer. I saw him dance and i was like hell no you aight up staging me lol. So yeah check it out man its something diferent and its great excerise too.

Here comes a new challenger

i love cha-cha-cha. i think it’s a lot sexier than salsa in many ways. the problem is that clubs don’t play it too much :confused:

and what do you mean on1 or on2 chachacha? i am aware that people do it different ways, but similar to salsa, people have come up with way too many names for the way it’s danced. it’s actually quite the turn off, haha

but anyway, i dance how i was taught in puerto rico: salsa on1 (stepping forward), and chachacha “on1” (i guess?) stepping forward as well – pretty much, ‘identical’ to on1 salsa, except with the chachacha instead of the 3 and 5. i love it.

i am bad at bachata though. like i only know 3-4 “moves”, and the rest i just make up from what i know in salsa, haha

ps. it’s interesting being puerto rican and being part of the salsa scene in the united states, especially in a place like the dallas area (where i live) where there are very few puerto ricans (that dance salsa, anyway). when i first started dancing, ppl were thrown off: “how come you don’t know how to dance?!?!”, it was funny. now that i know how to dance better, and go to clubs, when i ‘reveal’ the fact that i’m puerto rican, girls go “:lovin: really?” it’s pretty awesome. :cool:


i love chachacha. this small clip is one of my favorite chachacha clips of all time: [media=youtube]lqqvQ1yOkQk[/media]
the asian girl looks way too nice. would love to dance with her :sweat: :cool:

also, i used to teach salsa to kids at an elementary school. here are pictures from the day of their little performance earlier this year:
me with the boys
the girls
making their way to the stage :slight_smile:

lol, that’s true about of lot of place in San Jose.

Anyhow, I’ve always wanted to learn to salsa (or any kind of dance to be honest) because I figured it would be nice with the ladies, and definitely a good way to get in some exercise. I gotta check out the scene here and see if I can find some classes me and my GF could go to. if not, maybe I’ll wait for when I move back to the Bay

I need to learn how to dance to this stuff. I can’t dance for shit.