SRK SF Comic?

Has anyone in the art section ever thought of teaming up with some of the fanfic “street” writers to produce a comic on SRK? I think that it would be a pretty cool idea, as long as someone credits Capcom for their characters n such.

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i second this idea i think it could be sweet!

Good. Could ya get the news around to some other people at SRK?

I don’t think we should do a comic. I think we should do an artbook based on SF4 or other Capcom stuff. An artbook would be easier to manage, and it would allow more people to participate. We could print the artbook via a PoD service and split the earnings amongst ourselves.

We’d have to unite and form a studio name of some kind. I don’t think we can use the SRK name for our own purposes.

Nah Hanzou I like your idea but I think a moving on going SRK comic could be great and Im nto sure why it wasnt done in the first place.

I had some great ideas for Ryu once he reached his full potential, a new redesign, how the future of the SF tournament would be, etc. But I couldnt draw. Now that I’ve practiced I realize there is some kind of power having images behind your words. I think more fanfics would be read fi there were pictures to go with them.

A year ago on here I mentioned I would create an artblog which would be the fanfic, but with matching drawings to go with the words. Im all for this idea. BOTH ideas, an SRK artbook and an ongoing SRK comic.

Cool cool cool! I’m glad some other people like the idea!

I once had a similar idea that I wanted to pitch to Gamepro. It was a comic called “Console Wars”; a huge metaphor for the struggle btw Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. It would’ve featured each company’s character roster fighting an all out war, star wars style, w/ ninten, being the oldest, depicted as the “old republic”, whose power has now diminished. It’s home base would’ve been a giant floating gcn like starship in outer space, w/ a new wii-like one being constructed- sort of like how the death star was being rebuilt in star wars, but less forboding and evil. Microsoft…

Uh, getting off topic. If you want more info, ask.

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Hey dudes! I think these ideas are awesome and I’d be up for an SRK art book. Doesn’t just have to be about capcom since the forms are meant to be for all fighting games, Street Fighter just happens to be the grand poobah of it all. But selling it could have some kind of legal issues with it, idk.
Man, but just thinking about it seems awesome. Maybe a yearly art book called the “SRK Fight Club” could be an awesome goal. Or something along those lines. Do ridiculous crossovers and wild melees and dream matches ect. Fighter vs. Fighter! Company Vs. Company! Art vs. Art! And lastly, maybe a big cooperative mega huge foldout image of either main characters from all fighters or many fighters from a few standout games all done by the group at SRK. … just throwing my two cents in here.