SRK: Should I delve further?


Craigslist has drawn interest from me for the last few months like someone driving by a train wreck, most of it is fucking stupid but you have to read it anyway. I was browsing through random crap between threads and found this gem:

Should I do the unthinkable and try and hook up with this crazy chick, just to hear the weird shit she says?

If I do, pics will of course come.




Nothing would happen, I’m just curious how crazy she is


Are you doing this for the sex, or the ability to tell a hilarious, insane story at a party?

Personally, I would do this just for the story aspect; I’d ask her how she feels about using witch’s broomsticks in bed, and whether she’s ever masturbated to Hermione, Snape, etc.

I’d send a reply similar to this;


For my entertainment I say go for it.


its your funeral.


best reason available

…entertain us, good sir


I say go for it, it ought to make a great story


Could be worse, she could be looking for two, for some FRED AND GEORGE action.

and I think I’ve just out-nerded myself.


SRK: Should I give a shit?


Go for it and come back with a nice story… **no matter what.

**ninja edit: and pics, can’t forget that.


Go for it what’s the harm, right?:confused:


pics or ban


Make sure you remember to bring the cloak and wizard’s hat.


Go for it…

Just keep a Stupify Spell up your sleeve in case shit gets too heavy, then run like hell

But if its all good then use a Petrificus Totalus…wink wink


this is pitiful



If you do go, don’t forget to double wrap your wand.

…and take along a portkey for a quick getaway just in case.


I fucking hate it when ppl make dumbass threads like these they’re all the same;

SRK i have a problem this girl wants to fuck me so umm uhhhh should i fuck her? if u all say no then i won’t.

ARE U FUCKING KIDDING ME? u don’t need SRK’s confirmation (unless shes oogly) just go fuck her and bring us back a decent story already for fucks sake.


Last time I fucked with Craig’s list I fucked a chick in the ass and ended up with two xbox 360’s.