SRK slow downs


Not sure if I’m the only one but I’m noticing some very heavy slowdowns when browsing the site. Pages take ages to load, some posts never get sent, and sometimes they get double posted, etc

Is anyone else feeling this?

My internet is fine, everything works perfectly except srk. I tried switching browsers, no dice. Opera, Chrome, IE all give me the same laggy shit. Also tried different venues, stil laggy.

If anyone has any solutions, I’d be extremely grateful


I actually have it sometimes where i try to use the insert image button and the bar to post the link will never actually load. And it won’t work period for about an hour, even after re-signing in and switching browsers.

This has only happened twice today though.


yeah, this happened to me a couple times today as well. i sometimes have trouble trying to go to the forum part of the website, yet i can view the homepage. i felt like something was wrong with my laptop, but i was able to visit other websites just fine.
i just assumed it was because of traffic on the site. who knows?


SRK down times a lot of random times.


Been noticing this the past one or two months. Recently however, it’s gotten much worse. Heavy traffic, I’m assuming.




During EVO week. Expect the website to be slow or shut down. That is what happens when a dedicated server exceed it’s limitation.


I’ve gotten a couple or so database errors when browsing the forums, so it does seem like the site is getting overloaded.


i always have lag problems browsing the site, i wonder if i need a hi tech new pc to run srk faster?