SRK/SSF2T players in Japan

Hey all,

I was wondering if any SRK memebers are still located in or around Tokyo. I will be moving there at the end of this year and was hoping a few people were still around to play some ST with and against.

I am not sure where/how near Tokyo I will be living but I’m hoping it’s near More after reading NKI’s posts about the ST comp there.

Well just wanted to ask and see what’s up. Hopefully if some people are there can chat a bit before I leave. Would like to find out the spots (I enjoy drinking alot :wasted:) and if ST is still so popular there in the arcades. Granted I’m a T.Hawk player so I will most likely be spending a shit ton of money on losing.

Into a quick question to end it. I was reading the NKI Japan trip thread and was wondering NKI if you ever found out the name of the Mr. 720 (Toutanki, Mayakon etc.)? And was wondering if you could elaborate a little bit more on how easy/hard it is to approach people there about strategy and gameplay mechanics since most of the T.Hawk strats I’ve gotten have been from so called Japanese play styles.

I never could remember his name, but I kind of remember his face, so I know it’s not Toutanki or Mayakon.

I found it really easy to approach the Japanese and start chatting about ST. At first they might seem a bit uneasy, but they usually open up after a minute or two. (This is assuming you can speak Japanese. If not, seriously, just don’t even bother. It would be way too hard in English.)


I live in Tokyo and I know where most of the good ST game centers are.
The places in Tokyo with the best competition would have to be More and Mikado - both in Shinjuku. I live about 15 minutes away from Shinjuku.
My best character is S. Ken and thats who I take in tournaments. I’ve recently started playing Dash Sagat after watching Daigo Umehara kicking ass with him at More.
If you want to meet up or have some questions pm me.


Cool, thanks for the replies :tup:.

Charcoal, I will do that. Glad there will be someone else there on the SRK forums.

As for characters, I basically only play T/O.Hawk. Where I work we have a stand up arcade ST so it’s become a stubborn thing I think about making him dominate:sweat:. And watching Toutanki, Mayakon and the likes do what they do to people doesn’t help my delusions of grandeur.

One thing I have to admit is this “dash” thing. I think I missed something somewhere along the lines because I do not know what Sagat this references. Sorry, took a long break from ST and coming back I am noticing a lot of terms I don’t get.:rofl:

Thanks again NKI and Charcoal, I’ll PM ya soon.

dash = CE

jedi - If you can visit a tokyo arcade called HEY, I believe they have a discount ST machine (10 yen!) Good place to work on T.Hawk inexpensively.

Thanks nohoho:tup:, good looking out. Gonna need some cheap machines til I can master that chinese finger trap of a move tick->neg edge 360 re-tick nonsense.:rofl: Cuase I can’t practice it at work since the buttons for some reason on our arcade machine are spread apart making simple Condor dives a science project.

My old stomping grounds in Japan was the shibuya kaikan arcade in Shibuya. Not quite the level of competition of MORE, but our team took 2nd place at the first SBO! Yoshimi, Tencho, and Akishima three illustrious alumni of kaikan!

Is that the HEY arcade in Akihabara ?, yeah they have 2 ST cabinets in the corner (3rd floor) at 10Y. If you go on Sundays It’s very crowded but you’ll find some good competition. Of course they also have about 6 HSF2 on the other side at 100Y.

You might wanna check Club Sega (only HSF2) & Mikado (old schoolers hangout) in Shinjuku area for high level comp.

I wanna go back to TOKYO ! :sad:

Its actually Yoshimi, KKY, and Akishima.