SRK Street Fighter V Match Video Database


I also used to do SQL, as well as C++ (and many other languages) - doesn’t mean I’d use it for a webapp. Using the tools that best suit your needs is better than just using tools because you are comfortable with them.

You can also make non-relational databases have relationships, it just won’t be enforced/strict like it will be in a SQL database. For instance, making multiple matches relate to 1 video would be very simple by just having 2 match objects having the same videoId.

But yeah, that is why I’m asking you what the end game is, and this is the first time you’ve mentioned it will be as robust as it seems you’re making it out to be. If you’re looking to design around having many complex queries with multiple joints and stuff, then I wouldn’t recommend mongo. I’m always down to nerd out about development tools/architects.


Added matches from G-Star 2015 in Korea feat. Infiltration, Momochi, Chocoblanka, and Kazunoko.


Added Graham Wolfe vs. Poongko from the PSX tournament.


Added Combofiend vs Shigenosan (Woshige)



Is this still being maintained? I got bored and built a proof-of-concept frontend for it at (source code here). The filtering is still minimal at this point but I plan to gradually clone most features from .

@d3v : Could you make the spreadsheet more accessible by activating the “Publish to the web” feature? The library I use to get data from Google Spreadsheet needs that enabled. My demo currently pulls data from a copy I made from your original spreadsheet, but it would be nice to get it from the original source.


Still working on it, although I still need some things from my developer/

That said, in case that one doesn’t pull through, you willing to collaborate? I already have a domain name and some design mockups (that my partner was supposed to turn into a site).

I just need someone who can integrate my SQL database design into it and eventually allow it to aggregate videos from multiple games.


Yeah that could be fun. Feel free to email me (sf5db at if you want to take things further :slight_smile:

In the meantime, I do want to get some Elm practice with my current demo, so could you open up the read permission on your spreadsheet? “File > Publish to the web…” should do it.


Already published to the web.


Now pulling data from d3v’s spreadsheet. Also hides winners by default.


I have a relay saved of an opponent parrying my shinku hadoken if anyone’s interested lol


Couple of matches of Af0 (Vega) Vs FGCice (Karin). Online, this week:

#33 - Coach Steve vs Dang from The Savage Land #8. Go to my youtube to see more matches in which we LI Joe, Moons, Kbrad, Alucard, Noel Brown, Coach Steve, RayRay and more.


Now adding release version 1.01 matches.

That said, for anyone adding stuff, please be sure to follow the template and give the details such as the timestamps for the matches and possible who actually won them.

EDIT: Also made some changes to the spreadsheet. The beta matches are now on a separate sheet.


Nice matches with Daigo versus Mika and Zangief



I really wish you guys would actually break down the results of those matches (complete with timestamps) so it would be easier to put them into the database.

EDIT: Added some matches from Final Round. Specifically:

[] Xian vs Xiahai
] Lamerboi vs Mago
[] LI Joe vs KBrad
] NinjaCW vs Moons


Q: how do you delete the replay files found using the OPTIONS/SHARE button?


So… is the full website still in the works? @d3v
(also do you plan to keep maintaining the spreadsheet?)


Had some issues, might be looking for a new developer.