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hi all.
never done this before (a long time lurker) - and i’m not good by any means…
just practicing online with BiPolarBear24, a good streamer I’ve been watching for a while. Shoutouts to him.


Provenance 2 : Round1 Fighting Game Series - SFV
Round1 San Jose "NorCal"


Patience - that’s how you beat Ryu in my experience


February 04 - 2016

VanDammage Final Slash | Virtual Dojo Vienna | Top 8

Let us know, if you like it - we could also do english commentary if demand is there :slight_smile:


It was great! English would be a plus. Yet, unnecessary. Thank you.


VanDammage X - Dim Mak is Live:


SFV Part of the VanDammage X is now availible on YouTube :slight_smile:

Here’s the Top 8 Part:


How to beat the best Rashid in the world with Juri? Be Infiltration.