Srk tattoo fail!

saw this on eventhubs and in the random section…but it definitely deserves its own thread… so here you go:

(somebody needs to find this lame-o and interview him)

:wtf: :pray::clapdos:

Discuss … and Enjoy!

What the FUCK is that motion…

Down, forward, downforward?! What the fuck?? :rofl:

Maybe that motion works in SF4 with the lenient inputs and all.

Is that orochizoolander’s arm?


Jeezus… That’s so fucked up.


Holy shit!!! Hahaha!



either thats flipped or its from the P2 side.

I guess it works when the orientation is flipped 90 degrees from the text… But only if you’re a Fei Long player, or if you’re just that used to be on 2p.

I was gonna say it could be Fei Long but thats a SRK with a punch, Fei Long’s is kick

but not with a punch lol

im glad this retard got his shitty tattoo fucked up

LMAO wow just wow LMAO… when tattoo go wrong hahaha

Wow ur all noobs.

OBVIOUSLY he’s a Gouken player who loves the standing parry.

I never knew the parry was called shoryuken.

puahahhahaaa cooold bloooded

he fucked up big time

Oh man, not even the motion is right. :rofl:

Haha, that’s a good one. Zing! I’d rep but it seems I cannot.

Edit: In case that is Orochi’s arm, dang man. Sorry to see that. Hope you got the SRK hoodie. B)