SRK Tech Talk at EVO 2014


Hello all! First and foremost, wanted to check-in and see how everyone in Tech Talk is doing? I hope well!

SRK Tech Talk members attending EVO is nothing new, however!!! … I was wondering who will be attending this year? Let’s do a roll call?

I’ll be going for sure.

As far as SRK Tech Talk modders/service providers & those who have products from within the community… You may be familiar with Mad Catz inviting a select few modders to participate as part of our booth to assist with mods & showcase their products/services. That WILL be coming back this year. Last year I put James ‘jdm714’ in charge of the program, but this year I will be the main man in charge. Looking forward to contacting a select few of you that can confirm attendance this year.

Either way, let’s all meet up and have fun! Group picture?


I would love to make it out to Evo to see the new tech and stuff like that, but there’s no way in hell short of going to a service like GoFundMe and begging for money from the FGC that’s gonna happen. We (Mrs. Mike and I) would need at least $1200 to cover all of our expenses (that’s hotel/flight/car with possible travel to Walnut and back from LV for WNF). At least I would be able to cover Evo registration costs for me and a spec badge for her.


I’ll be there with bells on. Secret sushi meet is gonna happen. Keep an eye on those PM’s for an invite.


I made it to EVO last year, but I’m unfortunately not going to make it this year; mainly because the dates conflict with another event that I’m attending that same weekend.

Will definitely try for next year, though.


Sad face. I would have liked to see that modular stick in action. Hope to see you next year.


I’ll be there!!


I’ll be attending. Already got my plane ticket, hotel at the LVH booked, and registration for EVO done.

Hopefully I’ll have a lil something something ready in time for evo to start selling.


Checking in sir!
Ordering about 100 balltops, have about 75 already painted, and I’ve got 30 moddable and rare sticks for sale :slight_smile:


I had planned on being there this year, but I have too much going on in early July. Hopefully next year.


Haven’t booked my flight yet, but I should be there.


Was going to bump this thread asking for an update but looks like the group has been chosen!
I’ll see everyone at evo along with Phreak, Gummo, JDM and Duckie!


I should be there. Bringing UD-CPS2 stuff for the ST area (also UD-CPS2 on main-stage for X-Mania Top 8 O_O) and also this year the Vampire Savior crowd (thanks to @Rotanibor‌ for helping to keep VS alive). Trying to get some extra UD-USB converters to bring for trench-coat sales.


Just realized that tweet was from last year
Markman pls .-.


Is there going to be a centralized meet and greet? Like, prior to EVO or whatever because if we’re also in tournaments like @undamned‌ and I we may miss a few of you.


We will be and looking forward to seeing everyone!


Will anyone here be selling PS360+ boards? :slight_smile:


@gahrling‌ - @armi0024‌ will be there with some stuff. Hit him up, I think he’s brining a few.

Wish I could be there, but Ill be there in spirit. Anyone sporting a Panzer Fight Stick at EVO hit me up via PM. I have something I am working on that I want to give you :smiley:


I’ll be there.

Any ideas if Joe or James will be there this year?


Hi guys. Let’s get it on. I’m contacting the featured modders/community members for the Mad Catz booth right now <3


really wanted to make it this year but work took priority…