SRK Tech Talk Awards - 2010 Arcade Stick Mod of the Year


I’ll try to compile pics of the arcade stick mods (TE’s, SE’s, HRAP’s, etc) that have been nominated for the year. Links to the specs of the sticks will also be added where possible. Post to be linked to the main award thread. Feel free to add on:

NRX’s Sanwa vs. Seimitsu mashup

NRX’s Klonoa Hyperstick Mod (pic not available at the time, checking with NRX on that…

Monouchi’s Black Label TE


Apologies for all my images at disappearing! I’ll get them updated soon. They broke when we moved our server for our podcast (WARNING! A Huge Podcast).

Here are a few replacements for Klonoa and Sanwa VS. Seimitsu. I accept the nomination with great thanks, honor, and humility! Please don’t forget the dangerous retail stick mod beasts produced by VMS, d3v and so many others…


Sanwa vs Seimitsu…so EPIC


Sanwa vs. Seimitsu is pure win.


Klonoa! I like.


Can my HSS-0130 be nominated?
It is all Seimitsu in og colors + 2x PS360 PCB:

I like arcade controller panels and og old-school look so i think there should be someone with similar tastes:tup:



Any retail stick mod produced in 2010 can be nominated. Let’s see some more pics of sticks, folks! Get nominatin’! There was some mindblowing stuff this year.


Let me toss this one in the ring
Longbill76’s wireless dual modded VLX

It’s clean, dual mos, wireless AND carbon fiber…