SRK Tech Talk T-Shirts Interest Check (2015)

Since I still have the files for them, I’ve been thinking of doing a re-issue of the “new” SRK Tech Talk t-shirts that we did last year.

This time though, I’m thinking of not doing them in the same red or grey shirt options that we did last year so that we have more color options (that, and so OGs who got their red or grey shirts last year can feel special).
Looks like we can do multiple color choices so people can have their choice of color (including red, for you @FrankCastleAZ ). Now the only question if whether to continue with the yellow/gold logo, or revert to plain old white.

Current color selection can be seen in the link below.

I’ll make a decision in about a week or two.
Shirts now available for order. New thread here.


Could you please provide us with a sample palette? I could roll with any of those options depending on where in the range they lie.

Honestly, I would like blue and green. Separately. Give myself an entire RGB set since red has already been done.


blue and gold is my vote.

that purp.

I’m all for the black shirt with green lettering.

I’d also be up for a blue shirt, but I’m presuming it’s a darker or brighter blue, not a light/baby blue. I’m not too fond of gold logo/lettering, and would prefer just white or black.

Currently looking into a solution with Teespring that might allow shirt color choices. That said, it that happens, then we’ll likely have to agree on one color for the logo.

We’re talking about the cool, not at all gaudy shirts, right? Team Tech Talk and a joystick? I would be in for either blue or green. If it’s a royal blue kind of shade (real royal blue, not the stupid web version), that. Otherwise probably a slight edge to green.

In order of preference:
Monochrome Green

Sorry for the lack of updates. More discussion on this was taking place over on the Facebook groups.

Here are the current samples based on other peoples color recommendations.


Yeah, looking at those, I’d be all over the darker blue and the black ones. Start taking my money, please.

That purple is really nice

White logo on a blue shirt for me. White on black if we could choose two.

Edit- Ok now im digging the yellow on green and yellow on purple. I guess it depends on what logo you go with :smile:

I like the blue and yellow colors. Those are complementary colors. Plus, they reflect the colors you see in the forums. Blue links and yellow “new” notifications. Well, at least on the mobile site. On the desktop site, there’s more black. But the blue and yellow looks good.

Green T Shirt with Yellow Print

+1 Blue and Gold vote… (+2 if it can be Golden State Warriors Blue!!!)

Same logo design as last years I’m guessing?