SRK Text Chat Room

Whenever I go online, I will make a text chat and invite everyone on my friends list that’s online.

Having a text chat room is a lot easier and funner when playing a group of people in a HDR room, rather than messaging each individual person through the IM system.

It’s not like your friends have to play the same game, too, it’s just funner to have an open chat in the background.

Finally, PS3 online gaming is reminiscent of Kaillera, GGPO, 2DF, etc.

I know some people use #efnet to chat and play simultaneously for the PS3, but my computer isn’t close to my PS3 and I’m sure some people have the same situation.

Nevermind, this shit freezes my XMB and probably yours, too. :frowning:

my box isn’t near my ps3. so what? just setup a match on irc and then walk to the other room to play.

When the text chat works and there’s 10 people in, it’s a blast. When it’s constantly freezing your console and ruining your Internet connection, it a blast of turds… to the face.

Most recently, I had to dick with my router greatly (5 minute unplugs) in order to fix my connection as a whole. I don’t know if the same problem is happening to a large number of people, but I know it’s not an isolated issue with me.

I would have connection hanging (Signing In forever) when I would turn on my PS3 ever since I started using the text chats, so I just delete them when I’m finished now- I found out that deleting the chat room before shutting off the system will prevent connection problems the next time you turn on your PS3.

I don’t have XMB? problems, but I don’t like having the chat notifier pop up all the time. Yeah, I can turn notifications off, but I like getting all the other ones, like trophy notifications.

I’ve never had my notification box on in the first place because it was always distracting when playing MKII and Tekken 5 DRO back in the day. There was no way to check your messages with the PS button back then during gameplay, either.

But, that Trophy pop-up is small and it’s always pleasant to hear that chime.