Srk the movie is finally coming this year get hype


Seriously this movie should have interviews from a lot of you guys.

Teen Nick watching ass dudes.

team jail bait hasnt been active for years.

lol@ all men. fuck you. women are pedo’s too.


srk is into jap dudes who like women, they aren’t necessarily the same as the srkers who are into the pedo hentai, although there are a lot of those guys here as well

Yeah it’s funny how they make this movie specifically towards men when you see more of this shit involving women in the media. How many dudes put their sons genitals in their mouth and take a pic of it on their cam phone?

Got a runner for best of 2012.

Aside from the fact that that movie has nothing to do with bitching about how modern fighting games suck…
Anime has made pedophilia obsolete. Real kids are frumpy and ill proportioned.

lol im actually surprised no ones gone after hentai yet. im almost sure theirs a law against cartoons depicting underaged kids in sexual acts.