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Someone should go ahead and make an all encompassing kickstarter thread.


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Reserved 4 (due to known character limit issue per post)


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No. The point of Kickstarter, and people who post up interesting Kickstarters is to get the product out to be seen by as many as possible. This purpose is defeated if a great new project is the 17th post on page 93 of some megathread.


Don’t forget about the VGM thread for video game music


dont forget about the college football thread either.


We have quite a few food related threads, as well as TV shows.


Just do like eldergod and grab the first few spots and edit them. Because as it is individual threads can stll get lost but having a single continously updated thread will make it easy for anyone to jump in and get the info they want.



Link. Cooking is under knowledge/subjects.


:rofl: @furrycurry Pm’ed me with the idea of making a mega KS thread, we worked out how to organize everything in the first two posts and keep stuff updated so nothing gets lost in the mix. The one big issue we haven’t figured out is discussion of the games, I mean having people talk about multiple games in one big thread would get messy right?


@ElderGOD Doesn’t get a whole lot of traffic but maybe have a transportation section or something:
Automotive thread:

Motorcycle thread:


It’s added.


Weightlifting/Health/Nutrition: -- Weightlifting & Nutrition Thread -- v9.0 Optimized
Under Knowledge/Subjects


Don’t know if this is what you’re looking for, but…



When I read consoles and the first thing that you had on the list was PC, I laughed in real life :smiley:


Not sure where to put it yet or if it needs a spot. Trying to focus on the larger threads, especially where first post is updated.


We have a Mafia & forum game hub thread now so you can replace the current link to a specific game.