SRK through the Air: Ryu Combo/Reset thread



Self-explanatory, we get those combos, I put them here, with inputs, damage numbers (with and without X-Factor), assists needed.




Reserved 2


srk Xfactor cancel into aiming shinkuu hadouken
340,000 damage
gonna start simple ;D


got to play some ryu since friday

corner xfactor combo its around 1.3mil dmg all meters
st.L st. M st.H x shinku hadouken xfactor shin shoryuken , S, j.L j.M j.H hadouken xx shinku hadouken.

xfactor combo 706,800 2 meters

st.L st.M st.H shinku hadouken xfactor shinku hadouken

520,000-550,000 dmg bnb for midscreen 1 meter
cr.L cr.M cr.H forward H, S, j.L x2 j.M j.H, S, super jump into shinku hadouken aiming down

cornered some good ol tatsunoko combos 606,900 1 meter
cr.L cr.M cr.H forward H, backwards dp L, st.L st.M st.H, S, j.L j.M j.H , hadouken xx shinku hadouken

didnt really figure out some crazy combo’s with assist yet


100% x-factor combo on most characters and can work anywhere on screen.

cr.L cr.L st.M cr.H forward H, donkey kick, xfc, if mid screen you have to dash twice to keep the combo going, st.M st.H forward H, S, j.L j.M j.H, hado xx shinku hado.


My BnB as it’s easy to remember.

Jumping SA, cr.L cr.m cr.H launch L, M, H, h.tatsu into Shinkuu Hadoken downwards



Solo corner really overkill x-factor combo with 3 meters:
air tatsu L, st.L, st.M. st.H, f.H, donkey kick L, st.M, st.H, f.H, donkey kick L, x-factor, shin-srk, st.M, st.H, f.H, S, air M, air M, air H, air tatsu H.

Does close to 2 mil damage - full health sentinel usually dies in the 2nd or 3rd hit followup after shin srk.

Against most characters you can probably just use x-factor shin hadou instead of shin srk. Damage after x-factor shin srk is 1.2 mil.

Simple corner reset for Ryu - only really useful if you can spare 2 meters though:
After 2nd donkey kick, do ground shin hadou upwards - and then when they recover in the air, try to air grab them and then do an air shin hadou. The air grab and shin hadou does a decent 330k damage.


I’ve got a combo that works on atleast Ryu, and Dormammu I only tried it on them in the corner. L Air Tatsu, Cr L, Cr M, Cr, H, FAR H, M Joudan,(hit them as soon as there right over your head) St L, St M, St H, L Tatsu(it hits leaving you on the other side of the opponent)Cr M, Cr H, St H, Fireball, Shin Shoryuken, Dash, Launch(A), SJC, Air A, Delay you timing to get in an Air Shinku Hadoken it does like 851,200 ish with the damage setting on low I don’t really know what the default setting is. I tried to go for an air combo after the launch but the hit stun didn’t let me do anything other than one normal. 4 meters for almost a 0-100% probably should of added in X Factor.


u can xfc shoryuken in shinku shoryuken. pretty cool. reminded me of ssf4.


i use a simplified BNB gets u 547k damage

cr.l, cr.m, cr.h, s, j.m, j.h, fireball xx super (you dont have to aim the super but once it starts you can start aimming downward if you think your beam is too high) the full beam should connect.

if you add a low kick or another Medium to the air magic series it doesn’t add any damage plus its more work


Hey guys, here are my Ryu combos so far:



Good shit Brian, gave me some good ideas.

edit: Dumb luck - sick combo, but at the end of it you’re talking about timing it right to tack on an air shinku … why not just launch and do a vertical shinku from the ground?


Here is my new video, with my main team:


There is one Ryu combo in it; I hope you enjoy it!


because I didnt know you could cancel launch with anything other than Super jump lol


I’m 90% sure it works, but I suppose if it doesn’t then you could shoryuken xx vertical shinku?

I’ve taken to just jumping up and doing air shinku to the grounded opponent after the shin shoryuken if I manage to miss the launcher.

BIG question (this is the one thing holding my Ryu game back right now) - When you do the donkey kick mid screen and chase the people down for the combo. Three questions.

  1. That’s the H version of the donkey kick, right? It seems to be the one that keeps them in the air long enough to chase.
  2. You lead in with what, c.M? On the couple occasions I’ve felt like I’ve wavedashed close enough I couldn’t pick them up on the juggle.
  3. It should usually only take two dashes (combined) to get across the screen to juggle, correct?


[quote=“b3nz0r, post:16, topic:119687”]

I’m 90% sure it works, but I suppose if it doesn’t then you could shoryuken xx vertical shinku?
I guess that would work I’ll have to try it later.
I’ve taken to just jumping up and doing air shinku to the grounded opponent after the shin shoryuken if I manage to miss the launcher.

I’ve heard it’s best to use H donkey Kick midscreen and M for the corner

It has some strange timing where you think they are too low to the ground and you think it won’t hit.

I dont know I have really messed too much with it midscreen


Oh I know it looks like it won’t hit, but from the videos this clearly isn’t the case, I just want to be sure I’m using the right c. normal when I’m practicing so when I finally figure out the timing I’ll have it right, instead of missing repeatedly because I’m trying to juggle with the wrong normal. As for the M Jodan in the corner - I alternate between L and M just depending. They both seem to juggle just fine, but is M preferred just due to the extra damage on it?


In this video YouTube - SaishuuKessen’s Channel it looks like he wavedashed twice to get close enough to start a combo with Standing L check out this channel he has some amazing combos that might answer some of your questions. I fooled around a little bit with L/M Joudan and I feel like the M causes more Hit stun making. You know the part of the combo I posted earlier the in the corner(M Joudan St L, St M, St H, L Tatsu Cr.M ect) I could only reliably get it to combo off of M Joudan when I tried it with the L version I seemed to have less time to do. I don’t know if it’s so much about hit stun but it seems that the higher the version the higher the opponent is after the wall bounce.


Right, right. But when you’re in the corner and you want to KEEP them there, use the L Jodan, if you want to switch sides and pull some other shenanigans then use the M. I will definitely check the channel out, thanks.

Also, this is kind of random and perhaps not entirely useful (and probably super obvious) but I noticed you can a downward air shinku to OTG out very quickly and easily by canceling a H Tatsu into it. This is probably not as good as 2369 + PP but it’s easier for me to pull off, anyway.

As for the launcher into the shinku, I played around with that a bit and you have to super jump cancel the shinku so leave the stick neutral while you launch and do that same 2369+PP motion and hold up. It’s interesting that the same tiger knee motion is used to both OTG juggle with a downward shinku and also juggle with an upward shinku. You’d think the commands would be slightly different. :slight_smile: