SRK Thursday Night Dinner Meetup

casperOne and myself are thinking about having a pre-EVO dinner and meetup for those already in Vegas. :rock:

If your down, reply here. I’ll update with an exact time and place later today but look towards 8pm right now.

Will there be a live stream? I’d like to be able to pretend that I’m eating my dinner with you guys. :sad:

i’m down with the idea, but i think it’s getting skipped over :frowning:

Hey me and my brother could possibly be up for this as well. We’re staying at the Rio right now so as long as its not far or we carpool or whatever would be fine with us. Not sure if you want us there as we’re not really anyone of note, but would be cool to get to know some people going to evo. First time going to evo and vegas so don’t really know the area.

This was a really last minute sort of deal. Anyone is welcome to join us. Maybe we’ll all just meet at the RIO since that’s the official hotspot anyways. :slight_smile:

It’s 6:45pm right now. I’ll check back in about 30 mins.

I cant even begin to explain how upset I am I didnt make it to EVO this year…being stuck in the Caribbean sucks =(

Alright well me and my brother are up for it just let us know where you want to meet up at the Rio and when. Guessing probably the lobby/casino ground floor or out front. We’re just hanging in the hotel room right now.

So here are the details. Everyone will be meeting at the American Bar and Grill at the Rio @ 8pm. I’ll be in a black Chun Li t-shirt along with casperOne and bunch of other EVO guys.

See ya there!

Sweet see you there, me and my brother will probably stand out pretty decently. I’m 6’4" 250 lbs so I usually stand out a bit more and my brother is like 5’11" about 140 lbs so shouldn’t be too hard to spot us since we’re like polar opposites as far as body types.

Yo I might show up… considering I live in Vegas it’s not that hard for me to get there.

I will probably show up. I’m here at the Rio now. I am representing Norcal with my Chris Mullin Warrior throwback.:wgrin:

I’m in for it, I gotta eat some time.

We are in the back corner. Gootecks is there, I’d u know his face.

I think I missed you guys, I ended up sitting down with 3 confused attendees and gaining awkward Evo Moment #1. So I am off to the strip in a few, I’ll eat with you guys sooner or later.

Are no name scrubs allowed to kick it?

If anyone sees a guy with a sf giants hat, and a white shadaloo tee on tonight walking around looking for girls to harrass, That’s me. I enjoy women and drinking and wouldn’t mind kicking it with some fellow srk folks.

It was cool shit.
I’m a no name scrub, and it wasn’t a problem.

Good luck tomorrow everybody.