Srk Time Traveling Weekly Themes

Did srk time traveled again?
My weekly theme thread is gone as well as some new posts.

Anyways , theme will be unveil monday. No media limitation, no battle,just for the sake of comparing and learning from each other!

Theme is Gambit "Cajun Flash"ing juggernaut or just throwing a bunch of cards at him!

With the chainwhore challenge arlrady going on do you guys still wanan do this?

I’m new so I don’t know the history of this challege, but I’m up for anything that’ll give me a reason to practice.

cool, mang. gambit vs jugg due next…THURSDAY

I’ll try post something up… hopefully :frowning:

well forum was down for awhile but I time traveled and was able to post this:

Gambit’s trench coat also got lost during the process.