SRK Toolbar for Firefox (Beta)

Hi everybody.

I was bored and made a little SRK toolbar for Firefox. It’s a navigation toolbar to give you quick access to anywhere on the site.

Try it out and give me some feedback. If you think something like this is useful, I could spend more time and add some more functionality to it. What types of things would be cool, etc. Let me know what you think!

Download the SRK Toolbar for Firefox here: SRK Toolbar.

And if you aren’t using Firefox, go to before your computer explodes from using IE.

While this is a nice idea, it doesn’t belong in FGD. =x Off to GD and TT with you~

I love it.

Good job Mopes

How exactly do you install this?

hey, i like it! lol, this will only increase the laziness of SRK. thanks for spending time on something like this.

Noraj - if you downloaded the xpi file, all you have to do is drag it into Firefox. install, restart, and enjoy.


This is pretty badass. I’m a fan.

how this thing works, I can’t install it

GJ mark

Nice job.

Lol wow major good job on this, the size isn’t too big either, so I like it.

Major props to you, thanks. But there’s no way to combine the SRK toolbar + the quick bookmarks bar is there?

hey thanks a lot for this…im one of those extra lazy people who loves this haha…

bump, and this should go to GD.

^^^ hahahahaha
Nice, only thing you can probably do to it is just add colors to the tabs?

But this is very nice


will there be a SFAA update for the strat zone

I’d like to know how one would go about installing this as well.

using firefox, go to tools>extensions. A small dopey window should pop up. Drag the srktoolbar link into this window and it should install. Actually, clicking on it should install it but it doesn’t for some reason.

this is badass. thanks!

I got an error saying to contact the author. What did I do wrong?

Okay, all I gotta say now is this thing is fucking great. =D

Updated version 0.2

Updated SRK Toolbar v0.2.

Stategy Zone - ST
Strategy Zone - Alpha Anthology
Online Forums - SNK Games

Strategy Zone - CFE
Online Forums - KOF

Sorry I have not had time to make any other changes. If I ever get some free time I’ll add some more functionality to it. If people have ideas let me know!

Download and install SRK Toolbar v0.2