SRK toolbar for firefox new update (2/14 ver. 2.4.3) FF9 &10 support forums added

Current version: 2.4.3

February 14, 2012
Now supports Firefox 9 and 10. Added KoF XIII guide link to the “SRK Wiki and Guides” section.Added character subforum links for all the new Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 characters

installation instructions:
fresh installation:
click on the dancing Zangief to download
open .xpi file with firefox

goto tools > add-ons then right click on the SRK toolbar listing and click search for updates. You should be asked if you want to update the toolbar.

DISCLAIMER Like with all add-ons you should back up your favorites before installing. I can’t possibly test all different combinations of add-ons and what not so even if it works perfectly fine for me and a lot of others, it might not for you.

Change Log
Ver. 2.4.3
Now supports Firefox 9 and 10
Added KoF XIII guide link to the “SRK Wiki and Guides” section.
Added character subforum links for all the new Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 characters

Ver. 2.4.2
Firefox 7 and 8 support
Added SFxT, Skull Girls and Mortal Kombat character subforums.

Ver. 2.4.1
Fixed url formatting and added support for Firefox 6 beta.

Ver. 2.4
Fixed url formatting for the new SRK forum software.
Removed blogs, podcasts and other forum links that no longer exist.
Added watched threads and SRK toolbar feed thread links.
Changed x-box live forum links to reflect current XBL forums.
Added more links to games in the SRK wiki and guide section.

Ver. 2.3
Added Marvel vs. Capcom 3 character subforums
Added Mortal Kombat forum link
Added links to the guides which can be found under the SRK wiki and guides section
Added character subforum links for the new SSF4 AE characters
Ver. 2.2.1

Added media subforum and fixed url format that was causing users to log out.

Ver. 2.2
Added SSF4 subforums for new characters.
Added MvC3 forum.

Ver. 2.0.1
2/2/2010Added Firefox 3.6 support (thanks Mopreme!)
Added character subforums for US version of TvC characters

Ver. 2

Fixed URL formatting
Added SSFIV, tekken, newbie dojo, bugs, tekken and podcasts forums
Removed articles menu item
Added submenu to SRK homepage menu item that links to home, news, tournaments, strategy, videos, tech, and podcasts.
**Added auto update support **(not retroactive, you must manually install the new update)

for any suggestions/complaints/bug reports/cyber requests reply to this thread or PM me.

preview pic for those interested in what it looks like before you dl it:


old versions

[details=Spoiler]UPDATE April 26

I got to apologize once again for my extreme scrubiness. I had to format my hard drive and I didn’t back up the key file from McCoy so I cannot sign the update.rdf file so the current version will not automatically update to the newer version.** You must manually install this update.** Once again I apologize for my stupidity so if you know of any SRK toolbar users be sure to let them know!

now onto to the update, I have updated the SRK toolbar with links to the SSF4 characters and I have added the MvC3 forum.
automatic updates will work from this version on.

firefox 3.5 was released yesterday so I did a quick update.

added support for firefox 3.5
moved comic book forum to media section
added king of fighters and blazblue forums to the strategy zone
**removed sirlin yomi forum link **

this was just a quick update though. I plan to do another update later this month with some more features and the KoF character subforums if SRK adds them so keep an eye out for that because with experimental add-ons the auto update is disabled.[/details]

old versions


new year, new verison of SRK toolbar.

Added submenus for each character for each game for quick navigation. Also added all the new forums that have appeared since last update. Didnt quite get everything that I wanted with this but I think it’s a better than the last version.

SRK toolbar was orginally created by Mopreme and it is maintained and updated by Me. Thanks to Mopreme for his orignal work.

Just added it, looks good. Great work

Thanks a bunch, looks great :rock:

cool glad some people picked it up. I’m new to this whole add on game and I didn’t realize that you have to register in order to dl it until it gets out of the experimental stage. I’ve had the other version up there for awhile, I don’t know how long it takes to get approved. I was hoping that by having it on firefox’s site it’ll be able to do automatic updates for future versions but having people annoyed by registering was an unintended side affect. I don’t have any webspace and someone always seems to have a problem getting filehosting sites to work so I’ll try and find a place to host it for people that can’t be bothered to register at mozilla.

Also there’s a preview pic added to original post for those that are wondering what it looks like before they dl it.

A thread to officially say thanks for the toolbar Monte.

U da man, dawg!!


Omg I never even knew this existed. O.O
I’ll dowload this when I get my new Laptop… Good show Monte, Good show.

I shall download it now. Thanks! :tup:

thanks for the props, homies!

all right I got some webspace and now it’s hosted for those that don’t want to sign up with mozilla.

Not compatible. I use Firefox 3.1 Beta 2 =(

sorry, didn’t realize the version numbers were already up there. just grab the version here:

it works with the beta, mozilla is being stupid with the version numbers and I don’t feel like updating the file everytime they release a different beta since the chances of there being a new beta is much higher than the chances I make any actual changes to the toolbar so I didn’t upload it to mozilla.

Many thanks for the quick fix =)

Downloading right now, looks pretty neat!

Hey… one problem, I’m ttrying to open it up, But what do I open it with?
all it says is that I have to find a rogram to open it with.

Thanks a lot for the toolbar.

if you dled it from the second link then right click on the file and open it with firefox and then it should install itself after that.

no prob, thanks for the props! :tup:

Monte, I’ve downloaded this at the beginning of the year, but I haven’t been courteous enough to post my thoughts in this here thread. Okay, I lie. I forgot. :wasted:

Anyways, I absolutely LOVE this thing, man! I’m browsing SRK SO much easier now thanks to this thing. Now I don’t have to click the Shoryuken root forum link each and every time I want to switch to the Trade Outlet from Tech Talk. Thanks a ton man! :china:

good shit man! it’s great:tup:

great stuff!

your effort is appreciated

Good work on the toolbar.

I don’t know if you’re looking for feedback or anything but one thing I noticed was that if I click on a drop down menu and want to select another I have to click again. Is there anyway so that it follows the mouse and opens the menu that the cursor is over?

thanks, dawgs, i’m glad you all like it. be sure to tell all your srk friends to check it out as well! :tup:

always looking for feedback, hmmmm… I haven’t really looked into that. I guess I could see how that could be useful for some people. I’ll look into it if I ever need to update it but that only happens like when another forum gets added so that probably wont be for awhile.